Section C: Solution Description-katetutor

  Write a cardboard of 500-750 words (not  including the appellation folio and advertence page) cardboard for your proposed  evidence-based convenance activity solution. Address the afterward  criteria: Proposed Solution Describe the proposed band-aid (or intervention) for the botheration and  the way(s) in which it is constant with accepted evidence. Heavily  reference and accommodate abundant affirmation for your band-aid or  intervention. Consider if the action may be unrealistic in your setting, too  costly, or there is a abridgement of adapted training accessible to bear  the intervention. If it is, you may charge to go aback and accomplish changes to  your PICOT afore continuing. Organization Culture Explain the way(s) in which the proposed band-aid is constant with the alignment or association ability and resources. Expected Outcomes Explain the accepted outcomes of the project. The outcomes should breeze from the PICOT. Method to Achieve Outcomes Develop an outline of how the  outcomes will be achieved. List any specific barriers that will charge to  be adjourned and eliminated. Accomplish abiding to acknowledgment any assumptions or  limitations which may charge to be addressed. Outcome Impact Describe the appulse the outcomes will  have on one or all of the afterward indicators: affection affliction  improvement, patient-centered affection care, ability of processes,  environmental changes, and/or able expertise.

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