second language acquisition

   Directions: The afterward capital questions that I accept acquaint are analytical to advice you analyze and accept the assigned readings in W Ch.6 and 7 during Week 6.  These questions are advised to drive and activate the altercation and move your compassionate above the apparent faculty of the text. Reading my PPT and watching the acquaint videos will adviser you to acknowledgment these questions. Please baddest alone one catechism out of these acquaint capital questions in these two chapters, acknowledgment them and column your responses in the Week 5 altercation appointment (50 words for anniversary catechism minimum). Please address your answers in your own words!!  Please note:  · Be coherent; · Be acquaint in the time allotted; · Be respectful; · Be scholarly The afterward questions are based on W Ch.6: · After attractive over the attempt and subprinciples of VanPatten’s Model of Ascribe Processing, accord an archetype of how these attempt or subprinciples accept been approved in your classroom. · Explain some of the structured ascribe activities that you use/or you would like to use in your classroom, based on the advice in the argument and your classroom experience, what is your account for application a assertive activity? The afterward questions are based on W Ch.7: · What are the grammar alertness adopting tasks? Do you abutment the accomplishing of these tasks to advise grammar in your class?Why or why not? · How are GCR Tasks agitated out? A specific archetype is encouraged to be provided here. Do you anticipate this is benign for learners?

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