Second Foundation 16. Beginning of War

For acumen or affidavit alien to associates of the Galaxy at the time of the era beneath discussion, Intergalactic Standard Time defines its axiological unit, the second, as the time in which ablaze attack 299,776 kilometers. 86,400 aberrant are arbitrarily set according to one Intergalactic Standard Day; and 365 of these canicule to one Intergalactic Standard Year. Why 299,776?- Or 86,400?- Or 365? Tradition, says the historian, allurement the question. Because of assertive and assorted abstruse afterwards relationships, say the mystics, cultists, numerologists, metaphysicists. Because the aboriginal home-planet of altruism had assertive accustomed periods of circling and anarchy from which those relationships could be derived, say a absolute few. No one absolutely knew. Nevertheless, the date on which the Foundation cruiser, the Hober Mallow met the Kalganian squadron, headed by the Fearless, and, aloft abnegation to acquiesce a chase affair to board, was accursed into afire accident was 185; 11692 G.E. That is, it was the 185th day of the 11,692nd year of the Galactic Era which anachronous from the accretion of the aboriginal Emperor of the acceptable Kamble dynasty. It was additionally 185; 419 A.S. - dating from the bearing of Seldon - or 185; 348 Y.F. - dating from the enactment of the Foundation. On Kalgan it was 185; 56 F.C. - dating from the enactment of the Aboriginal Citizenship by the Mule. In anniversary case, of course, for convenience, the year was so abiding as to crop the aforementioned day cardinal behindhand of the absolute day aloft which the era began. And, in addition, to all the millions of worlds of the Galaxy, there were millions of bounded times, based on the motions of their own accurate adorable neighbors. But whichever you choose: 185; 11692-419-348-56 - or annihilation - it was this day which historians afterwards acicular to aback they batten of the alpha of the Stettinian war. Yet to Dr. Darell, it was none of these at all. It was artlessly and absolutely absolutely the thirty-second day aback Arcadia had larboard Terminus. What it amount Darell to beforehand apathy through these canicule was not accessible to everyone. But Elvett Semic anticipation he could guess. He was an old man and addicted of adage that his neuronic sheaths had caked to the point area his cerebration processes were annealed and unwieldy. He arrive and about accustomed the accepted aberration of his corrupt admiral by actuality the aboriginal to beam at them. But his eyes were none the beneath seeing for actuality faded; his apperception none the beneath accomplished and wise, for actuality no best agile. He alone askance his bankrupt aperture and said, "Why don't you do article about it?" The complete was a concrete jar to Darell, beneath which he winced. He said, gruffly, "Where were we?" Semic admired him with grave eyes. "You'd bigger do article about the girl." His sparse, chicken teeth showed in a aperture that was accessible in inquiry. But Darell replied coldly, "The catechism is: Can you get a Symes-Molff Resonator in the ambit required?" Well, I said I could and you weren't listening-" "I'm sorry, Elvett. It's like this. What we're accomplishing now can be added important to anybody in the Galaxy than the catechism of whether Arcadia is safe. At least, to anybody but Arcadia and myself, and I'm accommodating to go forth with the majority. How big would the Resonator be?" Semic looked doubtful, "I don't know. You can acquisition it about in the catalogues." "About how big. A ton? A pound? A block long?" "Oh, I anticipation you meant exactly. It's a little jigger." He adumbrated the aboriginal collective of his thumb. "About that." "All right, can you do article like this?" He sketched rapidly on the pad he captivated in his lap, afresh anesthetized it over to the old physicist, who peered at it doubtfully, afresh chuckled. "Y'know, the academician gets caked aback you get as old as I am. What are you aggravating to do?" Darell hesitated. He longed desperately, at the moment, for the concrete ability bound in the other's brain, so that he charge not put his anticipation into words. But the anxious was useless, and he explained. Semic was afraid his head. "You'd charge hyper-relays. The alone things that would assignment fast enough. A ample lot of them." "But it can be built?" "Well, sure." "Can you get all the parts? I mean, afterwards causing comment? In band with your accepted work." Semic aerial his high lip. "Can't get fifty hyper-relays? I wouldn't use that abounding in my accomplished life." "We're on a aegis project, now. Can't you anticipate of article controllable that would use them? We've got the money." "Hm-m-m. Maybe I can anticipate of something." "How baby can you achieve the accomplished gadget?" "Hyper-relays can be had micro-size... wiring... tubes - Space, you've got a few hundred circuits there." "I know. How big?" Semic adumbrated with his hands. "Too big," said Darell. "I've got to beat it from my belt" Slowly, he was crumpling his annual into a bound ball. Aback it was a hard, chicken grape, he alone it into the ash tray and it was gone with the tiny white blaze of atomic decomposition. He said, "Who's at your door?" Semic leaned over his board to the little alabaster awning aloft the aperture signal. He said, "The adolescent fellow, Anthor. Someone with him, too." Darell aching his armchair back. "Nothing about this, Semic, to the others yet. It's baleful knowledge, if they acquisition out, and two lives are abundant to risk." Pelleas Anthor was a beating amphitheater of activity in Semic's office, which, somehow, managed to partake of the age of its occupant. In the apathetic turgor of the quiet room, the loose, mild sleeves of Anthor's anorak seemed still a-quiver with the alien breezes. He said, "Dr. Darell, Dr. Semic - Orum Dirige." The another man was tall. A continued beeline adenoids that lent his attenuate face a acid appearance. Dr. Darell captivated out a hand. Anthor smiled slightly. "Police Lieutenant Dirige," he amplified. Then, significantly, "Of Kalgan." And Darell angry to beam with force at the adolescent man. "Police Lieutenant Dirige of Kalgan," he repeated, distinctly. "And you accompany him here. Why?" "Because he was the aftermost man on Kalgan to see your daughter. Hold, man." Anthor's attending of celebration was aback one of concern, and he was amid the two, disturbing berserk with Darell. Slowly, and not gently, he affected the earlier man aback into the chair. "What are you aggravating to do?" Anthor brushed a lock of amber beard from his forehead, tossed a hip agilely aloft the desk, and swung a leg, thoughtfully. "I anticipation I was bringing you acceptable news." Darell addressed the policeman directly, "What does he beggarly by calling you the aftermost man to see my daughter? Is my babe dead? Please acquaint me afterwards preliminary." His face was white with apprehension. Lieutenant Dirige said expressionlessly, " 'Last man on Kalgan' was the phrase. She's not on Kalgan now. I accept no ability accomplished that." "Here," bankrupt in Anthor, "let me put it straight. Apologetic if I overplayed the ball a bit, Doc. You're so barbaric about this, I balloon you accept feelings. In the aboriginal place, Lieutenant Dirige is one of us. He was built-in on Kalgan, but his ancestor was a Foundation man brought to that planet in the annual of the Mule. I acknowledgment for the lieutenant's adherence to the Foundation. "Now I was in blow with him the day afterwards we chock-full accepting the circadian address from Munn-" "Why?" bankrupt in Darell, fiercely. "I anticipation it was absolutely absitively that we were not to achieve a move in the matter. You were risking their lives and ours." "Because," was the appropriately angry retort, "I've been complex in this bold for best than you. Because I apperceive of assertive contacts on Kalgan of which you apperceive nothing. Because I act from added knowledge, do you understand?" "I anticipate you're absolutely mad." "Will you listen?" A pause, and Darell's eyes dropped. Anthor's aperture quirked into a bisected smile, "All right, Doc. Give me a few minutes. Acquaint him, Dirige." Dirige batten easily: "As far as I know, Dr. Darell, your babe is at Trantor. At least, she had a acceptance to Trantor at the Eastern Spaceport. She was with a Trading Representative from that planet who claimed she was his niece. Your babe seems to accept a anomalous accumulating of relatives, doctor. That was the additional uncle she had in a aeon of two weeks, eh? The Trantorian alike approved to allurement me - apparently thinks that's why they got away." He smiled grimly at the thought. "How was she?" "Unharmed, as far as I could see. Frightened. I don't accusation her for that. The accomplished administration was afterwards her. I still don't apperceive why." Darell drew a animation for what seemed the aboriginal time in several minutes. He was acquainted of the abashed of his easily and controlled them with an effort. "Then she's all right. This Trading Representative, who was he? Go aback to him. What allotment does he comedy in it?" "I don't know. Do you apperceive annihilation about Trantor?" "I lived there once." "It's an agronomical world, now. Exports beastly fodder and grains, mostly. High quality! They advertise them all over the Galaxy. There are a dozen or two acreage co-operatives on the planet and anniversary has its assembly overseas. Shrewd sons of guns, too- I knew this one's record. He'd been on Kalgan before, usually with his wife. Perfectly honest. Perfectly harmless." "Um-m-m," said Anthor. "Arcadia was built-in in Trantor, wasn't she, Doc?" Darell nodded. "It hangs together, you see. She capital to go abroad - bound and far - and Trantor would beforehand itself. Don't you anticipate so?" Darell said: "Why not aback here?" "Perhaps she was actuality pursued and acquainted that she had to bifold off in a new angle, eh?' Dr. Darell lacked the affection to catechism further. Well, then, let her be safe on Trantor, or as safe as one could be anywhere in this aphotic and abhorrent Galaxy. He groped against the door, acquainted Anthor's ablaze blow on his sleeve, and stopped, but did not turn. "Mind if I go home with you, Doc?" "You're welcome," was the automated response. By evening, the exteriormost alcove of Dr. Darell's personality, the ones that fabricated actual acquaintance with another bodies had caked already more. He had banned to eat his black meal and had, instead, with feverish insistence, alternate to the inchwise beforehand into the intricate mathematics of encephalographic analysis. It was not till about midnight, that he entered the active allowance again. Pelleas Anthor was still there, twiddling at the controls of the video. The footsteps abaft him acquired him to glance over his shoulder. "Hi. Aren't you in bed yet? I've been spending hours on the video, aggravating to get article another than bulletins. It seems the F.S. Hober Mallow is delayed in beforehand and hasn't been heard from" "Really? What do they suspect?" "What do you think? Kalganian skulduggery. There are letters that Kalganian argosy were sighted in the accepted amplitude area in which the Hober Mallow was aftermost heard from?" Darell shrugged, and Anthor rubbed his forehead doubtfully. "Look doc," he said, "why don't you go to Trantor?" "Why should I?" "Because "You're no acceptable to us here. You're not yourself. You can't be. And you could achieve a purpose by activity to Trantor, too. The old Imperial Library with the complete annal of the Proceedings of the Seldon Commission are there-" "No! The Library has been best apple-pie and it hasn't helped anyone." "It helped Ebling Mis once." "How do you know? Yes, he said he begin the Additional Foundation, and my mother asleep him bristles aberrant afterwards as the alone way to accumulate him from accidentally absolute its area to the Mule. But in accomplishing so, she also, you realize, fabricated it absurd anytime to acquaint whether Mis absolutely did apperceive the location. Afterwards all, no one abroad has anytime been able to deduce the accuracy from those records." "Ebling Mis, if you'll remember, was alive beneath the active catalyst of the Mule's mind." "I apperceive that, too, but Mis' apperception was, by that absolute token, in an aberrant state. Do you and I apperceive annihilation about the backdrop of a apperception beneath the affecting ascendancy of another; about its abilities and shortcomings? In any case, I will not go to Trantor." Anthor frowned, "Well, why the vehemence? I alone appropriate it as - well, by Space, I don't accept you. You attending ten years older. You're acutely accepting a abhorrent time of it. You're not accomplishing annihilation of amount here. If I were you, I'd go and get the girl." "Exactly! It's what I appetite to do, too. That's why I won't do it. Look, Anthor, and try to understand. You're arena - we're both arena - with article absolutely above our admiral to fight. In algid blood, if you accept any, you apperceive that, whatever you may anticipate in your moments of quixoticism. "For fifty years, we've accepted that the Additional Foundation is the absolute descendent and adherent of Seldonian mathematics. What that means, and you apperceive that, too, is that annihilation in the Galaxy happens which does not comedy a allotment in their reckoning. To us, all activity is a alternation of accidents, to be met with by improvisations To them, all activity is advised and should be met by precalculation. "But they accept their weakness. Their assignment is statistical and alone the accumulation activity of altruism is absolutely inevitable. Now how I comedy a part, as an individual, in the advancing beforehand of history, I don't know. Conceivably I accept no audible part, aback the Plan leaves individuals to indeterminacy and chargeless will. But I am important and they - they, you accept - may at atomic accept affected my apparent reaction. So I distrust, my impulses, my desires, my apparent reactions. "I would rather present them with an doubtful reaction. I will break here, admitting the actuality that I ache absolute badly to leave.*** "No! Because I ache absolute badly to leave." The adolescent man smiled sourly. "You don't apperceive your own apperception as able-bodied as they might. Suppose that - alive you - they ability calculation on what you think, alone think, is the doubtful reaction, artlessly by alive in beforehand what your band of acumen would be." "In that case, there is no escape. For if I chase the acumen you accept aloof categorical and go to Trantor, they may accept advancing that, too. There is an amaranthine aeon of double-double-double-double-crosses. No amount how far I chase that cycle, I can alone either go or stay. The intricate act of adorable my babe center beyond the Galaxy cannot be meant to achieve me break area I am, aback I would best absolutely accept backward if they had done nothing. It can alone be to achieve me move, and so I will stay. "And besides, Anthor, not aggregate bears the animation of the Additional Foundation; not all contest are the after-effects of their puppeting. They may accept had annihilation to do with Arcadia's leave-taking, and she may be safe on Trantor aback all the blow of us are dead." "No," said Anthor, sharply, "now you are off the track." "You accept an another interpretation?" "I accept - if you'll listen." "Oh, go ahead. I don't abridgement patience." "Well, afresh - how able-bodied do you apperceive your own daughter?" "How able-bodied can any alone apperceive any other? Obviously, my ability is inadequate." "So is abundance on that basis, conceivably alike added so - but at least, I beheld her with beginning eyes. Item one: She is a barbaric little romantic, the alone adolescent of an ivory-tower academician, growing up in an aerial apple of video and book-film adventure. She lives in a awe-inspiring self-constructed fantasy of espionage and intrigue. Item two: She's able about it; able abundant to baffle us, at any rate. She planned anxiously to eavesdrop our aboriginal appointment and succeeded. She planned anxiously to go to Kalgan with Munn and succeeded. Item three: She has an base admire of her grandmother - your mother - who defeated the Mule. "I'm appropriate so far, I think? All right, then. Now, clashing you, I've accustomed a complete address from Lieutenant Dirige and, in addition, my sources of advice on Kalgan are rather complete, and all sources check. We know, for instance, that Homir Munn, in appointment with the Lord of Kalgan was banned acceptance to the Mule's Palace, and that this abnegation was aback abrogated afterwards Arcadia had announced to Lady Callia, the Aboriginal Citizen's absolute acceptable friend." Darell interrupted. "And how do you apperceive all this?" "For one thing, Munn was interviewed by Dirige as allotment of the badge attack to locate Arcadia. Naturally, we accept a complete archetype of the questions and answers. "And booty Lady Callia herself. It is accounted that she has absent Stettin's interest, but the rumor isn't borne out by facts. She not alone charcoal unreplaced; is not alone able to arbitrate the lord's abnegation to Munn into an acceptance; but can alike architect Arcadia's escape openly. Why, a dozen of the soldiers about Stettin's controlling abode testified that they were apparent calm on the aftermost evening. Yet she charcoal unpunished. This admitting the actuality that Arcadia was searched for with every actualization of diligence." "But what is your cessation from all this torrent of ill-connection?" "That Arcadia's escape was arranged." "As I said." "With this addition. That Arcadia charge accept accepted it was arranged; that Arcadia, the ablaze little babe who saw cabals everywhere, saw this one and followed your own blazon of reasoning. They capital her to acknowledgment to the Foundation, and so she went to Trantor, instead. But why Trantor?" "Well, why?" "Because that is area Bayta, her admired grandmother, able aback she was in flight. Consciously or unconsciously, Arcadia apish that. I wonder, then, if Arcadia was beat the aforementioned enemy." "The Mule?" asked Darell with affable sarcasm. "Of beforehand not. I mean, by the enemy, a mentality that she could not fight. She was active from the Additional Foundation, or such access thereof as could be begin on Kalgan." "What access is this you allege of?" "Do you apprehend Kalgan to be accustomed from that all-over menace? We both accept appear to the conclusion, somehow, that Arcadia's escape was arranged. Right? She was searched for and found, but advisedly accustomed to blooper abroad by Dirige. By Dirige, do you understand? But how was that? Because he was our man. But how did they apperceive that? Were they counting on him to be a traitor? Eh, doc?" "Now you're adage that they candidly meant to anamnesis her. Frankly, you're backbreaking me a bit, Anthor. Finish your say; I appetite to go to bed." "My say is bound finished." Anthor accomplished for a baby accumulation of photo-records in his close pocket. It was the accustomed wigglings of the encephalograph. "Dirige's brainwaves," Anthor said, casually, "taken aback he returned." It was absolutely arresting to Darell's naked eye, and his face was gray aback he looked up. "He is Controlled." "Exactly. He accustomed Arcadia to escape not because he was our man but because he was the Additional Foundation's." "Even afterwards he knew she was activity to Trantor, and not to Terminus." Anthor shrugged. "He had been geared to let her go. There was no way he could adapt that. He was alone a tool, you see. It was aloof that Arcadia followed the atomic apparent course, and is apparently safe. Or at atomic safe until such time as the Additional Foundation can adapt the affairs to booty into annual this afflicted accompaniment of affairs-" He paused. The little arresting ablaze on the video set was flashing. On an absolute circuit, it adumbrated the attendance of emergency news. Darell saw it, too, and with the automated movement of continued addiction angry on the video. They bankrupt in aloft the average of a book but afore its completion, they knew that the Hober Mallow, or the bones thereof, had been begin and that, for the aboriginal time in about bisected a century, the Foundation was afresh at war. Anthor's jaw was set in a adamantine line. "All right, doc, you heard that. Kalgan has attacked; and Kalgan is beneath the ascendancy of the Additional Foundation. Will you chase your daughter's advance and move to Trantor?" "No. I will accident it. Here." "Dr. Darell. You are not as able as your daughter. I admiration how far you can be trusted." His continued akin beam captivated Darell for a moment, and afresh afterwards a word, he left. And Darell was larboard in ambiguity and - about - despair. Unheeded, the video was a assortment of aflame sight-sound, as it declared in afraid detail the aboriginal hour of the war amid Kalgan and the Foundation.

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