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Introduction In adjustment to become a accountant birth-kindergarten abecedary in the accompaniment of North Carolina, candidates charge complete a state-approved abecedary apprenticeship affairs from a regionally accepted academy or university. All universities accept a accessory admissions claim to access into the affairs of abstraction aural the university.Using the account of 12 accessible universities beneath the alteration delivery agreement, you will conduct analysis on 6 of the 12 universities to analyze accessory acceptance requirements for the abecedary apprenticeship program. The Assignment For your research, baddest 6 of the 12 accessible universities listed beneath that action the birth-kindergarten licensure program.  Choose the 6 that you are best absorbed in attending. Appalachian Accompaniment University East Carolina University Elizabeth City Accompaniment University Fayetteville Accompaniment University North Carolina Agricultural and Technical Accompaniment University North Carolina Central University University of North Carolina-Charlotte University of North Carolina-Greensboro University of North Carolina-Pembroke University of North Carolina-Wilmington Western Carolina University Winston-Salem Accompaniment University Using this certificate   EDU 250 Writing Assignment-Secondary Admissions Requirements (MS Word) EDU 250 Writing Assignment-Secondary Admissions Requirements (MS Word) - Alternative Formats    - Alternative Formats (opens in a new download window), conduct research for anniversary of the 6 universities to access the information you will charge to analyze universities. Once the analysis is completed for all 6 universities, you will address a 2-paragraph anecdotal on the universities you plan to administer to aloft graduation from your accessory amount program, forth with an account of why you chose those 2 universities. Resources Use bore agreeable and university web sites to complete this assignmentWriting Appointment Guidelines (opens in a new window) Acceptable Length The completed blueprint comparing the 6 universities, forth with the narrative of 2 paragraphs of at atomic 10 sentences each Formatting Requirements Include a awning folio with your name, advance and area number, and appointment title. Use one-inch margins. Use a 12-point Times New Roman font. Use bifold band agreement in the document. Grading Criteria Your appointment acquiescence will be evaluated application this rubric:  EDU 250 Accessory Admissions Requirements Grading Rubric (MS Word Document) EDU 250 Accessory Admissions Requirements Grading Rubric (MS Word Document) - Alternative Formats (opens in a new download window) I chose academy #5 and #12. Please analysis alone those two schools.

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