SEC. 22. The Accompaniment recognizes and promotes the rights of aboriginal cultural communities aural the framework of civic accord and development. Rights of Indigeneous cultural communities. As acclimated in the Constitution, the appellation “indigenous cultural communities” refers to non-dominant groups in our country which acquire and ambition to bottle ethnic, religious or linguistic traditions or appropriate clearly altered from the blow of the population. Section 22 recognizes constitutionally the actuality and rights of the aboriginal cultural communities. It directs the Accompaniment to advance their rights aural the framework of civic unity. Thus, the Accompaniment is apprenticed to accede the customs, traditions, behavior and interests of aboriginal cultural minorities in the conception and accomplishing of Accompaniment behavior and programs. In a multi-ethnic association like ours, the aloft accouterment is all-important in announcement the ambition of civic accord and development. (see Art XVI, Sec. 12) Beneath provision, the government may alike accomplish the laws abnormally for them demography into annual their customs, traditions, behavior and interests. H. de Leon, Phil. Constitution 2005, pp. 67-68) SEC. 23. The Accompaniment shall animate non-governmental, community-based or sectoral organizations that advance the abundance of the nation. Non-governmental, community-based or sectoral organizations The Accompaniment is appropriate to animate these organizations because contempo contest accept apparent that, beneath amenable leadership, they can be alive contributors to the political, amusing and bread-and-butter advance of the country. It should burden from any actuation that would tend to baffle or capsize the rights of these organizations which in the words of the Constitution are community-based or sectoral organizations that advance the abundance of the nation. (Ibid, p. 68) This affair is discussed at the breadth beneath Article XIII (Social Justice and Human Rights), Sections 15 and 16 which actually accompaniment the role and rights of people’s organizations as agent to accredit the bodies to participate and arbitrate advisedly and finer in decisions which anon affect their lives. (Ibid. p. 68) SEC. 24. The Accompaniment recognizes the basic role of advice and advice in nation-building. Basic role of advice and advice in nation-building. Advice and information, as acclimated above, accommodate not abandoned book or advertisement media (radio and television) but additionally motion pictures, advertising, cable, blast and telegraph. Those agency of advice advised to accumulate and back account or in the accumulation to the accessible are alleged accumulation media because they adeptness the accumulation of the people. (see Art. XVI, Sec. 11[1]. That they comedy a analytical role in nation-building is actual obvious. 1) Accumulation of an aware citizenry. – Accumulation media appearance people’s thoughts and beliefs, their attitudes and values. In a country like the Philippines composed of bodies with assorted cultures, they can be an able apparatus in announcement civic affiliation and attention Filipino ethics and traditions. By educating the citizenry on important accessible issues, they additionally advice actualize a strong, acute and aware accessible assessment so capital to the acknowledged operation of a republican democracy. (2) Promotion of effiency and abridgement in government and business. Advice and advice can be acclimated to articulation our geographically broadcast citizenry an aftereffect faster charge of educational, medical and alternative accessible casework in alien areas of the country. In any organization, accessible advice maximizes centralized efficiency. Decidedly in business, it reduces bulk of assembly and services. (3) Development of society. - On the actual side, it is difficult to brainstorm a accelerating country, in today’s apple of high-tech computers, internets, cyberspace and advice highways, with aged ommunication and advice structures. In the aftermost few years, the apple has witnessed a abiding beck of a abstruse advance in the field. The Philippines charge accumulate beside of advice innovations but at the aforementioned time be careful and acute to assure that abandoned those “suitable to the needs and aspirations of the nation” (Ibid. : Sec. 10) are adapted. Utilized and managed wisely and efficiently, advice and advice are actual advantageous accoutrement for the economic, social, cultural and political development of society. (H. de Leon, Phil. Constitution, p. 9) Sec. 25. The Accompaniment shall ensure the freedom of bounded governments. Freedom of bounded governments R. A. 7160, accepted as the Bounded Government Code, allowable on January 1, 1992 covers all affairs apropos bounded governments and political subdivisions. Sec. 26. The accompaniment shall agreement according admission to opportunities for accessible service, and prohibit political dynasties as may be authentic by law. According admission opportunities for accessible account This affair discussed beneath Article VI Legislative Department, Sections 4, 5, and 7 and Article X (Local Government), Section 8. Additionally: (1) Limitation of agreement of office. - The accoutrement attached the agreement of arrangement of constituent admiral (President, Vice President, Senators, Representative and bounded officials) enhance according admission to political opportunities although they may not absolutely do way with evils spawned political dynasties that proliferated in the country in the past. With his political and bread-and-butter resources, an constituent official can accept a abutting kin or addict run for the latter. Hence, the charge for a acknowledgment especially prohibiting a political dynasties. (2) Prohibition of political dynasties. – The built-in action on the prohibition of political dynasties expresses a civic charge to adjust acclamation and arrangement to positions in the government and annihilate a arch obstacle to “equal opportunities for accessible service”. It is not aberrant to accept the best of the top constituent positions in a arena (or city) bottomward to barangays active by one ancestors and abutting ancestors of the ancestors members. Politicians anatomy husband-wife teams, or father-mother, son-daughter teams and authority to constituent positions for decades. The ascendancy of political families in the accomplished not abandoned kept added admirable but poor individuals from active or acceptable in elections; it additionally enabled able and flush politicians to bend appointive positions for their ancestors and followers as it they abandoned are able with the adeptness to serve the country. (3) Prohibition constitutionally mandated. The law implementing the built-in action shall ascertain what constitutes political dynasties, accepting in apperception of evils approved to be eradicated and the charge to assure the widest accessible abject for the alternative of constituent government admiral behindhand of political, bread-and-butter and amusing status. Note that the Accompaniment is especially allowable to prohibit “political dynasties”. Congress has no acumen on the bulk except alone to spell out the acceptation and ambit of the term. (deLeon,2005,p. 0). Sec. 27. The Accompaniment shall advance bluntness and candor in the accessible account and booty absolute and able measures adjoin affix and corruption. Bluntness and Candor in accessible account (1) The abiding botheration of affix and corruption. – In the Philippines, every new administering back the postwar aeon has fabricated a agreement to eradicate affix and bribery in government. The accepted perception, however, is that this baleful ill has become added aggressive and adult through years. To be sure, the aloft accouterment was congenital in the Constitution because of revelations of “unprecendented magnitude” of affix and bribery allegedly perpetrated by admiral in the accomplished amphitheater of the government during the antecedent regime. (2) Ways to advance problem. – The malady of affix and bribery charge be alone or at atomic abbreviate to a tolerable bulk because of the amazing bulk of accessible money that has been absent through it. What is bare is moral administering by archetype on the allotment of the top admiral in the government and a continuing, the accessible account which accept appreciably slowed bottomward the socio-economic advance of our country. Accepting the honest Presidents with the best intentions is not abundant to abate bribery to basal proportions. This abiding botheration cannot be break by bald abandoned promises and aldermanic inquiries, but by prosecuting after the abhorrence or favor and putting abaft confined alleged “big-fishes” begin to be absorb as accurate examples of the government’s assurance to accomplish appropriateness in the accessible service. Any attack adjoin the affliction of association will be fabricated added able if accompanied by a chastity crusade. (3) Charge for bluntness and candor in accessible service. – The accomplishment of the built-in authorization will go a continued way in deepening the peoples assurance in the government and its leaders. It will additionally ensure the able use of the bare assets accessible for civic development. (deLeon,2005,pp. 71-72) Sec. 28. Subject to a reasonable altitude assigned by law, the accompaniment adopts and accouterments a action of abounding accessible acknowledgment of all its affairs involving accessible interest. Abounding Acknowledgment by the Accompaniment of all it’s transactions. 1. Assignment of the Accompaniment – Sec. 7 of the bill of rights guarantees the people’s appropriate of advice on affairs of accessible affair and admission to annal pertaining to official affairs of the government. In the alternative hand, Sec. 28 requires the Accompaniment to accomplish accessible it’s affairs after appeal from alone citizens. It stresses the assignment of the Accompaniment to absolution the information. 2. Transaction covered – The action covers all Accompaniment affairs involving accessible interests, i. e. , affairs which the bodies accept a appropriate to apperceive decidedly those involving expenditures of accessible funds. The law, however, may assigned reasonable altitude for the acknowledgment to bouncer adjoin abnormal or bottomless exercise of the right. The action will not administer to annal involving the aegis of the Accompaniment or which are arcane in character. (H. de Leon, Phil. Constitution, pp. 64-72)

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