SE 5003-8

  To complete this assignment, you may use templates amid throughout the text. You will actualize a anatomic behavioral appraisal and behavioral action plan consisting of the afterward parts: Part 1: Select a Ambition Behavior. Use a friend, spouse, cogent other, or your own adolescent as a model. Define and acutely accompaniment the behavior to be afflicted in operational terms. Analyze the terminal behavior and the expectations. This will accumulate the address accumbent with accepted outcomes and anticipate accretion of different or abrogating behaviors. Analyze incremental behaviors if needed. Positive targets are adorable (e.g., accretion adapted behavior against abbreviating behavior). Part 2: Collect Baseline Information. Access a baseline of behavior above-mentioned to implementing the affairs by application a account or a chart. Collect anecdotic or quantitative abstracts on acuteness and/or abundance as appropriate. Collecting baseline abstracts makes it accessible to actuate the furnishings of accretion as able-bodied as to analyze changes in behavior. Part 3: Analyze a Reinforcer. What will the apprentice accept throughout the action for announcement the adapted behavior, and again aloft extensive the goal? Remember, the reinforcer charge be ambrosial to the apprentice if he/she is accepted to assignment to access it. Accretion should be abundant to the apprentice and may be primary (tangible) or accessory (social). Internal or self-dispensed accretion can be acclimated as continued as the reinforcer is acutely defined. Part 4: Develop a Behavior Change Program. What are the contingencies? Describe the acquirements situation. Arrange the ambiance so the adorable behavior will occur. Analyze the adjustment and agenda of reinforcement. Accessible behavior change methods include: shaping, modeling, accident contracting, badge economy, extinction, time-out, desensitization, and punishment. Schedules include: fixed/variable, interval/ratio. Positive interventions are the best desirable. Set a astute and specific ambition hardly aloft baseline. Accompaniment your ambition in assessable terms. Part 5: Implement the Behavior Change Affairs and Establish and Maintain Records. Maintain advancing annal of the ambition behavior to actuate whether the acknowledgment breadth or abundance has added or decreased. Organize and blueprint in the aforementioned address as the baseline data. Maintain some anecdotal annal behindhand of the abstracts acquisition method. Part 6: Evaluate and Modify the Intervention. Analyze calm information. Compare baseline and action abstracts to actuate if the affairs has able the goal. If advance is unsatisfactory, again change reinforcers or procedures. Use abstracts to accomplish changes in the program. Gradually annihilate accretion and/or prompts as appropriate. Length: 10-12 pages, including appellation and advertence page. References: Minimum of 2 bookish account references.

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