part 1   Scripting languages, additionally accepted as interpreted languages, are acclimated for abounding purposes, and there are abounding languages to accept from. These programming languages additionally action a advanced array of functionality, so alternative of an adapted accent is important back because the use of a scripting language. Use the Library and Internet to acquisition advice about scripting/interpreted languages. Select 2 languages: Describe the primary features, strengths, and weaknesses of anniversary language. Identify a appointment that would be an adapted use of anniversary language. Provide a baby sample of cipher from anniversary language, and altercate the functionality of the sample code. Include at atomic 1 advertence to analysis sources. Cite all references application APA format. part 2   There are a ample cardinal of tasks complex in advice technology and programming, and abounding of these tasks can be automatic application scripting technology. The adeptness to use scripting accurately will save cogent time and advantage accessible assets in abounding ways. The aboriginal footfall against bigger abundance is to accept how scripting languages appointment and how they can be used. For this assignment, you will activate to apprentice the characteristics of scripting languages and accretion an compassionate of how to baddest the appropriate scripting apparatus for a specific task. Prepare a certificate to abide your results: Use Word Title Page Course cardinal and name Project name Your name Date Identify a book area scripting would be advantageous to automate a task. Define at atomic 5 requirements of a scripting accent that would be all-important for the task. Identify 2 scripting accent candidates that accommodated the requirements. Select 1 of the scripting languages, and absolve the alternative based on how able-bodied it meets the declared requirements. Name the certificate yourname_ITSD327_IP1.doc. Submit the certificate for grading.

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