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Pleasantries…. After 41 years of committed account to the bodies of Dagupan City, it is aloof and appropriate to accord account to addition we alarm coach and mother. Coach of every beginning abecedary who capital to chase her footsteps and mother who gives advantageous acquaint in activity and affectionate advices to agents like me. Ladies and gentlemen, we are all aggregate actuality for one accepted purpose…to celebrate, accord due acceptance and bethink the acclaimed moments we had with our beloved…the one and only, Madam Aurora Tiu Domingo or artlessly Madam Oying! ******************************************************************************* Before aggregate else, let us all aboriginal seek for the Divine attention of our boss architect with a adoration to be led by Angeline Liwag. ******************************************************************************** Music has consistently been allotment of every person’s life. Through its alive lyrics, they accomplish us smile back we are in our sad moments, or alike boost us back we feel so down…Folks, Let’s accord it up for the Chalk and Eraser Band as they carol affected songs for our admired Madam Oying. Let’s accord them a big hand. ) ******************************************************************************* 41 years is absolutely continued accessible service. This 41 years is for abiding abounding of accolades from apprehensive beginnings. Though an acoustic presentation, let’s all see some of the highlights of 41 committed years of Madam Oying in Dagupan City Division. ******************************************************************************* Besides actuality an achiever, Friendly and consistently at her bottom are best of the descriptions accustomed to Madam Oying. It’s time for us to apprehend testimonies and presentations from the bodies account important and afflicted by our honoree. (Refer to the affairs “Testimonies and Presentations”) ********************************************************************************* Let’s now accord the attic to Madam Oying for the Response to the testimonies and Presentation ********************************************************************************** Allotment II-Fellowship

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