150 words accede or disagree Men and women allotment differences and similarities akin in agreement of roles and approach activated to backpack out agitator plots. Women's roles in agitator plots accept afflicted throughout history, with the contempo decades accepting accomplished a billow in women's participation. In history, women accept generally captivated a logistical role in agitator operations. These days, however, women are more acclimated on the advanced curve in roles such as suicide bombings. The ambit and goals of agitator organizations absolute women adapt abundantly from groups such as The Black Widows of Chechnya, The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia,  and modern-day ISIS operations. The two factors that abide the same, however, are women are generally recruited online for these organizations, and the analysis of women in the bent amends arrangement has never absolutely akin the analysis of men back it comes to sentencing. When it comes to prosecuting women for acts of terrorism, I do not accept that any differences should abide amid how women are advised and how men are advised in the bent amends system. Sentencing guidelines abide accurately to abolish the achievability of gender-based, racial-based, or alternative forms of bias-based sentencing. Statistically speaking, women accept accustomed bottom punishments than men in the U.S bent amends arrangement due to their perceived "lesser role," however, the askew analysis gives agitator an advantage back recruiting. Beneath astringent punishments for women will aloof advance to women actuality activated as the apparatus of best for these agitator events, which it appears may be the accepted modus operandi, because how abundant women's accord in agitator activities accept added over the accomplished few decades. A 2015 abstraction begin that "women were 58 percent beneath acceptable to be bedevilled to bastille than men, and posits that board were absorbed to amusement changeable defendants abnormally back they accommodated to acceptable gender roles," (Treatment of Terrorists: How Does Gender Affect Justice? 2018). I do not feel that counter-terrorism strategies should necessarily reflect a difference, however, I do anticipate that counter-intel experts should be able-bodied abreast of how women are acclimated in agitator plots, and should be buried to the achievability of whether a woman voluntarily took up arms, or was actuality acclimated adjoin her own will in agitator plots. Both of these possibilities abide in today's world, and the implications of either role will acceptable adapt the closing aftereffect in sentencing. Thank you for account my appointment post, and for all the affable alternation throughout the accomplished 8 weeks! I ambition anniversary and every one of you the best of luck in your approaching endeavors. Sincerely, Jaime Le Francois References: Treatment of Terrorists: How Does Gender Affect Justice? (2018, September 10). Retrieved from Women in Terrorism: Exploring the motivations of Women Joining Agitator Organizations [PDF]. (2014, Spring).

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