Discussion Questions  Identify the primary means in which SCM has bigger the adjustment accomplishment process. What alternative allowances has SCM provided to businesses? Explain the accord amid SCM and logistics. Identify the differences and similarities. Is one a allotment of the other? How does one abutment the other? Identify two aggressive enterprises and their accumulation chains (e.g., Dell Computer against Apple; K-Mart against Wal-Mart; Toyota against GM; UPS against FedEx). Identify the elements of anniversary alternation from antecedent of accumulation to final customer, and explain how the two chains are affair (or not meeting) business objectives. Which accumulation alternation appears longer? Does the anatomy of one arise simpler than the other? Identify the primary flows in a accumulation chain. Explain why there is breeze in both admonition and accommodate examples of each. Identify key activities of SCM. Identify alternative drivers not mentioned in the text. Identify at atomic three trends that appulse SCM. Identify alternative trends not discussed in the text.

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