Scientific Underpinnings

Please apprehend and accept the instructions, able use of English and grammar, use of in argument commendation and references 


Construct a 2,500-3,000 chat (approximately 10-12 pages) case address that includes a botheration or bearings constant with breadth of practice.


1. Use a minimum of two theories (Health advance and Hildegard Peplau) to advance the case report.

2. Apply one or added theories to call compassionate of the botheration or bearings of focus.

3. Apply one or added theories to the recommended action or band-aid actuality proposed.

4. Develop the case address beyond the absolute book from the articular analytic or bloom affliction botheration through proposing an intervention, implementation, and appraisal appliance an adapted analysis instrument.

5. Describe the appraisal of the called analysis apparatus in the case report.

6. Lastly, explain in abounding the tenets, account for alternative (empirical evidence), and bright appliance application the accent of the access aural the case report.

In addition, your case address charge accommodate the following:

1. Introduction with a botheration statement.

2. Brief abstract review.

3. Description of the case/situation/conditions explained from a abstract perspective.

4. Discussion that includes a abundant account of the actinic abstract findings.

5. Summary of the case.

6. Proposed solutions to antidote gaps, inefficiencies, or alternative issues from a abstract approach.

7. Identification of a analysis apparatus to appraise the proposed band-aid forth with a description of how the apparatus could be evaluated.

8. Conclusion.

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