What was amiss with Wakefield's study? Discuss at atomic 1 capricious or access that should accept been controlled or assessed. Consider the antecedent of some of his abstracts (parental memory, for example), the baby sample size, and whether he advised alternative variables (genetics, diet, and so on) that could accept resulted in affection in these children.  Discuss the accent of a ascendancy accumulation back application the accurate method. Did Wakefield deserve to be barred from medical practice?  What were the after-effects of his aggrandized conclusions?  References   Deer, B. (2011). How the case adjoin the MMR vaccine was fixed. BMJ, 342. Retrieved from Schute, N. (2013). Fifteen years afterwards a vaccine scare, a measles epidemic. Retrieved from Science Buddies. (2018). Steps of the accurate method: What is the accurate method? Retrieved from Taylor, B., Miller, E., Farrington, C. P., Petropoulos, M. C., Favot-Mayaud, I., Li, J., & Waight, P. A. (1999). Autism and measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine: No epidemiological affirmation for a causal association. The Lancet, 353(9169), 2026-2029. Retrieved from Wakefield, A. J., Murch, S. H., Anthony, A., Linnell, J., Casson, D. M., Malik, M., et al. (1998). RETRACTED: Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and common adorning ataxia in children. The Lancet, 351. Retrieved from Ziv, S. (2015). Andrew Wakefield, ancestor of the anti-vaccine movement, responds to the accepted measles beginning for the aboriginal time. Retrieved from

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