Scientific Method Matching Exercise Resource

Nicole Whaley BIO-220 May 7, 2012 Chris Traasdahl Accurate Method Matching Exercise Resource 1. Observe. A scientist observes that a pond adjoining to an automated bulb has added algae advance than ponds further abroad (G). I chose this as an archetype of ascertainment because the book explains in detail how the scientist aboriginal aggregate the abstraction to for administering the experiment. 2. Ask a question. A scientist wonders if the decay baptize emitted from an automated bulb is accelerating the advance of algae in a pond(C). I believed this book to be area the scientist asked himself whether or not the automated bulb had any address on the accelerated growth. I accept this book shows this. 3. Create a hypothesis. A scientist, based on his ascertainment of the pond, believes that if a pond is apparent to the decay of an automated plant, again the advance of algae will be accelerated (A). This to me is an accomplished guess. Although the scientist has not activated or accurate annihilation yet, his accomplished acceptance is acutely declared actuality in this sentence. . Conduct an experiment. In her laboratory, a scientist pours a canteen of decay water, calm from the automated plant, and adds it to a bowl absolute pond water. A additional bowl (the ascendancy dish), absolute the aforementioned pond water, does not accept the decay baptize sample (B). This book gives the clairvoyant a adumbration by advertence that the scientist is in her laboratory. It is actuality area the scientist usually conducts any agreement so it is alone adapted that I would accept this to be the adapted book for this step. . Collect data. Afterwards 5 days, the scientist measures the bulk of algae present in anniversary bowl (D). Actuality the scientist is about to absolutely see if his antecedent was correct. It is actuality that he will accumulate the advice he needs to either prove or belie his assumption. 6. Interpret results. Afterwards the abstracts is collected, the scientist discovers that the bowl absolute both the pond baptize and decay baptize had added than alert the bulk of algae than the ascendancy bowl (F). I accept this book or footfall in the book because it is afterwards you accumulate your abstracts that you are able to accomplish a accurate account about what it is you accept apparent in an experiment. 7. Report results. The scientist submits his allegation to a accurate account (E). By sending or appointment his allegation to a accurate account leads me to accept that the scientist has assured his agreement and are annoyed with his findings. Therefore he is accessible to abide results.

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