Science Unit Plan: Materials, Resources, and the Integration of Technology

  The fourth footfall in planning a assemblage plan is to analysis and adjudge on the all-important abstracts and assets that actualize assurance through advanced sets and advice to advance aplomb as competent users of technology. Part 1: Materials, Resources, and Technology Complete the “Materials, Resources, and Technology" sections of the "Science Assemblage Plan.” Include adapted and accordant materials, resources, and technology that successfully: Support acceptance in called content, development of accordant skills, and animate apprentice engagement.  Support assorted apprentice needs and acquirements advancement. The capacity of the "Science Assemblage Plan" will abide to be absolutely developed and revised throughout the continuance of the course, culminating in a complete assemblage plan due in Topic 5. Part 2: Reflection In 250-500 words, abridge and reflect on how planning for materials, resources, and technology can actualize assurance and action during a lesson. How can you advance advisory assets to appoint acceptance and advice advance their aplomb as competent users of technology? How will you appraise class materials, school/district resources, apprentice abstracts to accomplish abiding you are application adapted and accordant materials? Support your absorption with at atomic two bookish resources.

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