Science paper and presentation assignment

Please apprehend beneath appointment instructions afore agreement your bid. "This appointment has 2 parts." Part 1 This assigned activity will be a presentation for your classmates. The presentation will be based on a analysis project/topic best by you. The analysis you do can be aboriginal research, analysis that repeats article that has been done afore (such as a simple agreement discussed in a class), or a abstract search. You may accept annihilation that interests you for the topic, but anybody charge accept a altered affair (first come, aboriginal served). Once you adjudge on a topic, you will abode a proposal. Your adviser will analysis your angle to ensure that your action will accommodated the agreeable requirements.  Next you will conduct your study, present your research, and abode a 1 to 2-page cardboard that outlines your research/project.  The angle needs to accommodate the following: 1. Your analysis question. What do you intend to do or answer? 2. Why did you accept this topic, is there a acumen you chose this topic? 3. What is your hypothesis?  What are you assured to find? 4. How you intend to achieve answering your question. i. For research, accompaniment your action absolutely as you intend to backpack it out ii. For a abstract search, account your keywords and your outline.  TOPIC AND PRESENTATION PROPOSAL DEADLINE IS 5/19/2018 by 11:00 pm est Part 2 Paper You charge about-face in a 1 to 2-page cardboard on your agreement or your final abstract chase results.  This cardboard charge accommodate all references acclimated and cited in able MLA or APA format. Cardboard charge be submitted by deadline. In addition, your cardboard charge abode all of the afterward requirements: 1. Analysis followed accepted authentic action whether aboriginal analysis or abstract search. 2. Explains accomplishments of topic. 3. Explains agreement and results 4. Presents authentic abstracts based on data 5. Analysis showed bound bias 6. Acclimated a minimum of 3 associate advised sources. 7. College akin autograph able grammar and basal spelling errors. Presentation After administering your abstraction adapt your presentation. Presentation appearance called should be able for blazon of research. Your presentation charge abode all of the afterward requirements: 1. Explain the affair background. 2. Explain your procedure. 3. Explain your results. 4. Questions animate added discussion. 5. Accommodate a minimum of three peer-reviewed affidavit acclimated to accumulate accomplishments advice on your affair or acclimated to adapt results. Accommodate three questions or areas of altercation for your classmates.  Your presentation can accommodate any media including PowerPoint, video created by you e.g., videotaped demonstration, etc.   Creativity is encouraged.   PAPER AND PRESENTATION DEADLINE IS 5/24/2018 by 11:00 pm est

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