SCI 115 Intro to Biology

"Evo-devo, Medical Revolutions and Human Survival" For your primary post, baddest ONE of the afterward altercation topics. Amuse baddest alone one of the three capacity listed. Using your own words, abode a primary column of at atomic 125 words that follows the instructions. Be abiding to abode aggregate listed in the instructions. Each affair has two subtopics [a, b]; amuse abode both of them.  Your primary column is account up to 14 out of 20 points. Also, accomplish a absolute acknowledgment to a adolescent acquaintance on any topic. Use your own words. You don’t charge to use any sources alternative than the ones specified, but if you do use alternative sources, you charge adduce them.  Topic 1 [video]: Evo-devo. Watch the video (1)* featuring Sean Carroll discussing the science of change and the acreage of evolutionary-developmental analysis (evo-devo). (a) Call three things that you abstruse from the video. (b) Of the three things you described, which was the best surprising, and why? (c) Discuss what these things advise us about biology. Topic 2 [article]: The bend of a anarchy in medicine. In a contempo op-ed, Craig Venter (2)* shares his assessment that we are “on the bend of a revolution” in medicine. (a)  Call three things that you abstruse from this op-ed. (b)  Of the three things you describe, which was the best surprising, and why? (c)  Discuss what these things advise us about biology. Topic 3 [article]:  Earth will survive; we may not. In a annoying Op-Ed, astrophysicist Adam Frank says that “pretending we can aloof extend the Holocene in perpetuity” is aloof a absurd alibi to put off authoritative assured choices brought about by altitude change. (a)  Summarize Frank’s basal argument. (b)  Some biologists, decidedly attention biologists reacted abnormally to this essay. What is your acknowledgment to this essay? (c)  Explain how this relates to biology.   *References (in Strayer Writing Standards format). Erik Olsen, June 25, 2007, Sean Carroll on change and the science of evo-devo, Craig Venter, December 13, 2017, Genetic sequencing is the approaching of medicine, Adam Frank, June 12, 2018, Earth will survive. We may not.,

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