Scavenger Hunt due in 12 hours

   COMPLETE: Internet Scavenger Hunt       Use the Internet to acquisition answers to 10 of the 25 questions accustomed below. In anniversary case, accord the answer, the area (URL) area you begin the answer, the chase agent used, and the keywords you acclimated to acquisition the answers. Save this advice as a Word file, as per the archetype below. Then, abide it by uploading it in Moodle. Be abiding to cardinal your answers application the aboriginal catechism numbers. If there are any assignments with the aforementioned questions and answers, you will be accord an aught (0) for your grade. Required Format:    1. Answer: Avoid accounting in all basic letters. It's advised   shouting and anticipation to be rude. (This is aloof allotment of the answer.) URL: (Note:   This is not a absolute site.) Engine: AltaVista Keywords: etiquette, courtesy, manners, "internet   rules". 1.   Name four of the seven inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995. 2.   List three things that happened on your bearing date. 3.   Who was the 15th admiral of the United States and who was his vice-president?  What was the 2000 citizenry of the burghal of Pensacola? Do not use the citizenry of Escambia County. 4.   What is the date, day of the week, starting time and starting point of the 2008 Boston Marathon. 5.   What was the aboriginal nuclear aircraft carrier and back was it commissioned? 6.   How abounding U.S. dollars according one Russian Rouble? 7.  What is the name of Eric Newman’s acclaimed dog. What brand of dog is he? 8.   What is the bearing date of Eddie Vedder, the advance accompanist of Pearl Jam? 9.   Who was the articulation of Bullwinkle on the "Rocky and Bullwinkle Show"? 10.  Where was Jimi Hendrix born? 11. What are the names of the three weapons acclimated in angry and what are their corresponding ambition areas? 12. According to the Progress & Freedom Foundation’s 1998 Digital State Executive Summary, area did Florida rank in Digital Democracy (the admeasurement to which citizens accept cyberbanking admission to laws, legislation, and autonomous process)? How abounding credibility did Florida receive? 13. At the website beneath Domain and E-mail Services, how abounding mailboxes are you allowed?  14. According to Mr. Blackwell, who were called to the Worst-Dressed Celebrity of the Year List for 2003? 15.  What words are agnate in acceptation to jump?  16.   Find and book a compound for Tirimisu. (On your acknowledgment sheet, archetype and adhesive the compound as the acknowledgment and accommodate the URL for the recipe). 17.   What are the names of the two Washington senators?  18.   What are bristles accepted courtesies or breezy “rules of behavior” apropos Internet etiquette? 19. What is a computer virus? What does an anti-virus affairs do? 20. What movies won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1967 and 1990? In those years, who accustomed the Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role and Best Actress in a Leading Role? 21. Who advised and congenital the aboriginal aggressive helicopter? 22. Accord 5 examples of emoticons and the acceptation of each. 23. Who was Cool Papa Bell? What teams did he comedy for, and back was he adopted to the Hall of Fame?  24.  What day of the anniversary will your altogether abatement on in the year of 2055? Birthdate_______________ Day of the Week__________ 25.  You and a acquaintance are planning to drive from Pensacola to Key West . Acquisition the active directions. Approximately how abounding afar will you travel? Book a map if you can. (On your acknowledgment sheet, blazon the cardinal of afar you will biking from Pensacola to Key West as the acknowledgment and accommodate the URL for the active admonition and the map).    TYPE ANSWERS ON DOCUMENT ATTACHED

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