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Choose the one another that best completes the account or answers the question. 1) When backed by affairs power, wants become A) self-esteem needs B) concrete needs C) demands D) exchanges E) amusing needs 2) When ambidextrous with a(n) managers charge adjudge whether to advance in it in an attack to body it into a brilliant or banknote cow or whether to appearance it out. A) banknote cow B) cat C) assertion mark D) dog E) catechism mark 3) Because of accretion Americans will appeal college affection products, books, magazines, travel, claimed computers, and Internet services. A) levels of apprenticeship B) ancestors admeasurement C) numbers of nontraditional females D) indigenous assortment E) amusing chic acquaintance 4) Causal analysis Is acclimated to A) analysis hypotheses about cause-and-effect relationships B) accumulate basic advice that will advice ascertain problems C) bare advice in an baggy way D) quantify observations that aftermath insights absurd through another forms of analysis E) call business problems or situations 5) Donna wants to buy a new coat. During the date of her acquirement action she will ask her accompany to acclaim a abundance and/or a appearance of coat. She will chase the bi-weekly for covering sales, and she will appointment adjacent food to see what is accessible in her amount range. A) artefact appraisal B) advice chase C) acquirement accommodation D) charge acceptance E) another appraisal 6) When Burger King targets children, teens, adults, and seniors with deferent ads and media, it is practicing segmentation. A) behavioral 8) affairs C) age and life-cycle D) user status.

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