“Same-Sex Marriage Should Not Be Legalized”

PONTICIFICA UNIVERSIDAD CATOLICA MDRE Y MAESTRA. RECINTO SANTO TOMAS DE AQUINO. Academic Writing ILE-322 Student Name: Leslie Herrera. ID Number: 2009-5699 Teacher: Emilia Gracia Final Draft: Essay 3. “Same-Sex Alliance Should Not Be Legalized”. July 18th 2012. Same-Sex Alliance Should Not Be Legalized. As we know, same-sex alliance has been discussed and argued for a continued time. Aural the arguable affair of gay rights, there’s no breadth added arguable than same-sex marriage. And all of us ask ourselves if same-sex alliance should be acknowledged or not. But the actuality is that we acquire to alpha cerebration about it as a moral and religious topic. The government shouldn’t approve the same-sex alliance because the acknowledged analogue of alliance is the civilian abutment amid a man and a woman, alliance is a religious rite, and additionally those couples will be able to acquire accouchement if they are accustomed the appropriate to marry. Same-sex alliance is additionally accepted as gay marriage. Same-sex alliance is amid two bodies of the aforementioned gender. The Netherlands became the aboriginal country to approve same-sex alliance in 2001; in the United States of America, the aboriginal accompaniment to approve same-sex alliance was Massachusetts, on May 17, 2004. According to ProCon. rg (2011), as of May 10, 2012, same-sex alliance has been legalized in eight states such as: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Lowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Washington, Maryland, and the District of Columbia which will be able on January 1, 2013. This has become an alike added arguable affair back these accepted legalizations of same-sex marriage. One altercation adjoin same-sex alliance is that the acknowledged analogue of alliance is the civilian abutment amid a man and a woman. “The academy of alliance has commonly been authentic as amid a man and a woman” (ProCon. rg, 2011, Con Gay Marriage, ¶1). Further, if any government gives the appropriate to ally same-sex couples this acceptable academy of alliance will weaken. “Marriage runs adverse to two of the primary goals of the lesbian and gay movement: the affirmation of gay character and ability and the validation of abounding forms of relationships” (ProCon. org, 2011, Con Gay Marriage, ¶8). Therefore, same-sex alliance is absolutely the adverse of the acceptable academy of marriage; those are two things that cannot acquire the aforementioned rights, and absolutely God fabricated us to be heterosexual no homosexual. In addition, alliance is a religious rite. “Gay alliance is not accordant with the beliefs, angelic texts, and traditions of abounding religious groups” (ProCon. org, 2011, Con Gay Marriage, ¶4). In fact, we apperceive that best of the religions are opposing same-sex marriage, because they are consistently guided by the Bible and God’s commandments and his teachings. “Marriage was accustomed by the Creator with its own nature, capital backdrop and purpose. No credo can abolish from the animal spirit the authoritativeness that alliance exists alone amid a man and a woman” (ProCon. org, 2011, Con Gay Marriage, ¶12). If same-sex is legalized, churches and alternative religious institutions would be affected to change their rules in adjustment to ally same-sex alliance couples. Furthermore, one of the better problems for association and apparently the best important for new ancestors is that same-sex alliance would be that those couples will be able to acquire accouchement if they are accustomed the appropriate to marry. “The academy of alliance as a abutment of man and woman, abnormally involving the coition and appearance of accouchement aural a family, is as old as the book of Genesis” (ProCon. org, 2011, Con Gay Marriage, ¶1). Children charge both a mother and a father, because they apprentice a lot from anniversary of them. “Girls who are aloft afar from their fathers are reportedly at college accident for aboriginal animal activity and boyish pregnancy. Accouchement after a mother are beggared of the affecting aegis and different admonition that mothers provide” (ProCon. org, 2011, Con Gay Marriage, ¶6). Besides, same-sex alliance will accent to the assimilation of homosexuals into a heterosexual culture. And apparently that one of the facts that can affects the association the most, because if that happened our moral and religious ethics would be lost. The supporters and bodies who are for the same-sex alliance altercate that they should acquire the appropriate to civilian alliance because of aforementioned alliance benefits, such as: bloom allowance and accessible accepting which heterosexual couples have. Nevertheless, that altercation of the supporters is irrelevant, because anniversary being can acquire his or her own bloom allowance that provides their workplace, so they don’t charge a ancestors or apron bloom allowance to acquire the aforementioned allowances as acceptable marriage. On alternative hand, if the government were to approve same-sex alliance the accessible accepting is not guaranteed. Because bodies are that absitively in what they are activity to believe, maybe some bodies will acquire this and a beyond accumulation of bodies disagrees. Therefore, the government don’t acquire to legalized the same-sex alliance in adjustment to bodies acquire homosexual ancestors or alliance or to accept bloom insurance. Hence, no government should approve same-sex alliance for all the facts that this activity may involve, for example, those couples will be able to acquire accouchement and additionally because of moral and religious values. Accordingly about what we acquire read, the amends of same-sex alliance is an abandoned and agnostic action. I anticipate that announcement homosexuality with government-backed same-sex alliance it would aching our children, the ancestors that are growing, the country, and additionally the absolute world. If a homosexual man or woman wants to get married, the alone affair they charge to do is accept not to be homosexual and ally addition of the adverse sex. Reference Pro. Con. org. (2011, January 9). Should gay alliance be legal?. Gay Marriage. Retrieved from http://www. gaymariage. procon. org

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