Salesmanship Marketing

Ascertain from the local market of selected consumer goods to what extent economic, social and cultural factors affect the demand for particular goods, Prepare report. Marketing By pizzazz consumers as regards to price and quality, consumers being classified by age, sex ND income, given certain selected products.
 Survey of demand for selected products available under different brand names through household enquiries in the local area.
Taking any two brands of your choice, collect the following market information.

A. Segments for which they are made
b. Monitors brands
c. Marketing mix information – information about its price, ways of promotion, ways of distribution.
l. Introduction: Concept of personal selling; meaning and its importance, Types of salesmen and selling situations, role and functions of a salesman; Qualities of a good legman; selling as a career.
II. Knowledge of the product: Areas of Product knowledge- uses and benefits, guarantee and warranty; price of product; knowledge about the company; Importance of complete product knowledge;
Ill. Knowledge of the Market: Types of Market, concepts of sales quota, sales territory, covering sales territory, sales reports
IV. Introduction to Personal selling process:
7 steps of personal selling- prospecting, pre-approach, approach, sales presentations, objection handling, closing the sales, after sales service.
40 ) Identify from newspaper column’s the Jobs of salesman advertised and the qualification desired. B) Interview managers of organizations located nearby and ascertain the qualities of salesmen
MARKETING – II considered for appointment.
Prepare reports.
I. Product: concept of product lifestyle (elementary knowledge); Branding ; Packing.
II. Distribution: Different channels of distribution – whole sale and retail trade; Types of distribution- whole sale and retail trade ; Functions of wholesalers; Functions of retailers; Role ; functions of middlemen.
Ill. Promotion: Meaning, importance, and methods of promotion. Different modes of advertising, their merits and limitations; selecting suitable mode of advertisement.
IV. Pricing: Meaning and importance of pricing, Factors affecting price determination; methods of price determination – cost based, demand based, competition-based pricing. Discount and allowances.
V. Services Marketing Difference between goods ; services, characteristics of services (elementary introduction); extended marketing Mix- 3 as- people, process, physical evidence.
Unit No. Is compulsory and any two units out of Unit No. L, 2 and 3 may be allotted for practical. In total only THREE units are to be allotted to a student.
1. Market survey of selected consumer products on the basis of brand name and package. Collection of data and preparing report on the popularity of different brands and popularity and quality of packages of the products, and reasons there of.
2. Making enquiries form wholesalers and retailers to study and report on the channels of distribution of selected products.
3. Visiting Departmental store/retail, shop or consumer co-operative store located repay to study and report on the functioning of the store or shop.
4. Screening advertisements in newspapers/magazines, and through radio and TV Programmer and reporting on the differences in appeal of different media of advertising.
SALESMANSHIP- II (Outdoor selling/field sales)
l. Identification of potential customers:
15 Meaning and importance, Types of customers and their needs; Buying motives – rational, emotional; Factors affecting purchase of products.
II. Planning the sales presentation:
15 Pre-approach ; Approach-Meaning and importance; ways of approach; planning alls; Setting objectives for the calls; Important points to be made and supporting evidence to be presented.
Ill. Sales Presentation:
15 understanding needs, providing information, highlighting benefits of the product, demonstration, noticing buyer’s interest.
IV. Handling Customer objections and closing sales
15 Nature of objections – price, quality, competition, disadvantages, genuineness; using appropriate techniques to overcome objections; Helping customers in making choice; counseling and assurances; obtaining orders and closing sales. After sales service, implants and follow up.
1 . Role-playing by each student as salesman with some other student playing the role of customer. Teacher concerned to assess the performance and external examiner to give his award on the basis of oral questions.
2. Preparation of sales presentation plan by each student on the basis of selected products to be sold and type of customers to be called upon.
3. Ascertaining through interview of outdoor Salesman (living or working nearby) the important steps which they follow in sales presentation and preparation of report thereon.
CONTENT WRITING Marketing – I Unit Name Marketing Mix- To be authored by Ms. Vanity Introduction to Consumer Behavior- DRP. Hand Introduction to Marketing- Marketing Segmentation- Marketing Environment- Mr.. Adhered DRP. Favor Proof. Sansei Marketing – II Product- Distribution – Promotion- Pricing – Services-Marketing- Salesmanship-I Introduction DRP. Vanity Knowledge of the Market Introduction to Personal selling process Salesmanship-II Identification of potential customers Planning the sales presentation Sales Presentation Handling Customer objections and closing sales

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