sales and marketing

  ctivity 1:   Developing an All-embracing Strategy You will now advance an all-embracing action for a new artefact or service. Based on what you abstruse in Task 7, and based on the abstraction of Blue Oceans and complete all-embracing business principles, baddest a artefact or account and architecture a action to accompany it to market.  Think advantage but additionally authoritative your cast known, and actuality culturally sensitive. Be specific and clear. The final action should be abundant in a presentation that you will accommodate in your final activity submission. You ability appetite to use 7 Recommendations for a Balanced All-around Business Strategy or download The all-around Business Playbook Activity 2: Case Study  13 Businesses with Brilliant All-around Business Strategies Analyze the 13 businesses to actuate what strategies they acclimated in the all-embracing market. What were the strategies? Were they all different? Why? What markets were they attempting to address? Would some of the strategies assignment for every alternative company? Why or why not?

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