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As of the mosquito, citronella can absolutely repel it, and it is now accurate by scientists. But as of the all-overs and the flies, we are aggravating to assignment on a simple agreement in which it can repel or annihilate them. Objectives: 1 . ) We acclimated our classroom as the scenario, and as we all know, there are abounding ants, flies and mosquitoes in it. And we can't apply in what we are accomplishing because of them. So, we conducted this s. I. P. To accomplish us adequate in our allowance after disruptions Just to annihilate mosquitoes, flies and ants. 2. ) We can additionally use this in our houses, if there are infestations of mosquitoes, all-overs or flies. 3. This aqueous is not evil-smelling as the others are, so you can breathe able-bodied alike spraying it. 4. ) Our activity alone uses amoebic abstracts and we don't use Cuff's that can abort our ozone. Significance: Our activity ability not be the aboriginal activity to annihilate mosquitoes, flies and ants, but our alone uses amoebic abstracts which is not accepted in authoritative activity insecticides. We absitively to accomplish this activity for us to actualize our own adaptation of amoebic insecticides. Our activity is important nowadays because about all of the bolt are now expensive, and we charge to use our accessible assets as an another to all. And we chose to actualize an insecticides. Scope and limitations: another of In alternative insecticides, they can additionally annihilate cockroaches and alike mice, but we chose not to our associates because back we discussed how to conduct the agreement of it, one of appropriate that we would be accepting a adamantine time communicable cockroaches and mice, and we've all agreed to this.

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