Running with Scissors

Jenessa OrpillaSummer Assignment AP PsychologyMovies and Mental Disorders Running with Scissors is a blur adaption of a account accounting by Augusten Burroughs. It takes abode in the 1970s area adolescent Augusten lives with a abortive family; an alcoholic ancestor and a delusional poet. Afterwards his parents’ divorce, his mother, Deidre Burroughs goes to see a analyst called Dr. Finch. Incapable of adopting Augusten, Deidre gives aegis of her son to Dr. Finch, area he deals with an alike added abortive family. Deidre Burroughs is a artist who believes that she is meant to become a acclaimed writer/poet. She enters abounding of her balladry to several magazines and newsletters, alone to be alone anniversary time. Anniversary bounce letter she receives, she still believes that she is a accomplished writer. Nearing the end of her alliance with Norman Burroughs, she believed that he was activity to annihilate her and her son. Dr. Finch was the one who recommended them to annulment and gave Deidre her aboriginal medications. This was the alpha of her biologic abuse. After on in the movie, she would mix pills together. He additionally brash her to accord him aegis of Augusten so that she could focus on her autograph career. She got into several relationships with alternative women including a bounded minister’s wife and a accommodating from Dr. Finch. According to the DSM-IV-TR, Deidre is diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. A being with Narcissistic Personality Ataxia is declared as a being who “demands and expects to be admired and accepted by others and is bound in their accommodation to acknowledge others' perspectives. ” (DSM-TR-IV, 1995-2012) One of the signs of NPR is one that “has a affected faculty of self-importance. ” (Zimbardo ; Gerrig, 1999, pg. 662) Two years afterwards her annulment with her husband, she sees him at a restaurant with his new fiancee. She was actual appreciative of the actuality that her composition was appear in abstruse annual and that her ‘hobby’ was absolutely lucrative, alike admitting that was her additional appear writing. Addition assurance is that one “is absent with fantasies of absolute success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love. ” Deirdre generally dreams and has delusions about her on a big stage, accepting awards for her works throughout the film. She additionally holds abounding balladry workshops area she helps bodies anatomy their ‘creative conscious. ’ This branch is an alibi for the account of alternative people, which is addition assurance of NPR. After her accord with the bounded minister’s wife, Dr. Finch introduces her to one of his patients and says that she needs addition who worships her and is accommodating to augment her talent. The moment that accord ended, she was quick to acquire Augusten aback into her arms, but she has a berserk adventure area the badge had to balance her. Probably one of the affidavit of her annulment was due to the actuality that her bedmate did not absolutely affliction about her autograph hobby. One added archetype of a being with NPR is that he/she “lacks empathy: is afraid to admit or analyze with the animosity and needs of others. (DSM-TR-IV, 1995-2012) From the alpha of the film, she has apparent that characteristic. For example, back she gave abroad Augusten to Dr. Finch, she didn’t alike acquaint him about the acceptance affidavit until abundant later. She never advised his animosity and alone anticipation about herself. The alone time she absolutely cared for him was back she bare him. It is alien what could accept contributed to Deirdre’s development of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. However, it is accepted that “Narcissistic personality ataxia ability advance as the aftereffect of carelessness or corruption and agony inflicted by parents or alternative ascendancy abstracts during childhood. The ataxia usually is axiomatic by aboriginal adulthood. ” (Cleveland Clinic, 2011) It was briefly mentioned in the blur that Deirdre was ‘oppressed’ by her ancestors and her husband. Alternative than that, the bulk of bounce belletrist and Dr. Finch led her into a worse state. Dr. Finch basically was the account of her to be conflicting from everyone, including her own son. By prescribing her abstruse medications, she consistently seemed to be aberrant and depressed. Back she started to mix pills, that’s area she would go into berserk states. It’s no admiration why Dr. Finch got his medical convenance authorization bare off of him. References BehaveNet Inc. (1995). Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Retrieved 2012, from       http://behavenet. com/narcissistic-personality-disorder  Cleveland Clinic. (1995). Diseases and Conditions. Retrieved 2011, from       http://my. clevelandclinic. org/disorders/personality_disorders/       hic_narcissistic_personality_disorder. aspx Zimbardo, P. G. , ; Gerrig, R. J. (1999). Psychological Disorders. In P. G. Zimbardo ; R. J. Gerrig (Authors), Psychology and Life (15th ed. , pp. 664-665). Longman.

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