Run Regression

  Adam’s Pizza operates in six cities in Texas and Oklahoma. The owner, Mr. Jenkins, wants to accept an empiric admiration of the appeal for his pizza. He affairs to codify appraisement and advance decisions for the abutting year, and he wants to apperceive how amount and announcement amount affect sales and use the after-effects of the admiration to accomplish a anticipation for the abutting year (2015-1). He assassin an economist to do a corruption analysis. The economist calm abstracts for 2013-1-2014-4 (quarterly) for sales, price, competitor’s price, income, and population. This abstracts is accessible in Table 1 (link provided below). The afterward corruption archetypal was fit to the calm data: where Px is the amount of pizza, Py is the competitor’s price, A is announcement expenditure, Y is income, Pop is population, T is trend, and is a balance or absurdity term. Least aboveboard corruption after-effects based on the abstracts are provided in Table 2 (link provided below). Write a address on the allegation of the regression. Include the afterward elements in your report: Describe the bread-and-butter acceptation and statistical acceptation of anniversary absolute variable. Interpret the accessory of assurance (R2). Use a corruption archetypal and 2014 abstracts to appraisal 2015-1 sales. Derive 95% and 99% aplomb intervals for the 2015-1 estimate. Your address charge be a minimum of 2 pages in length.

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