RR11 for H7

Instruction: Write your own abbreviate response, 2 hundred chat is appropriate on this question, with a minimum of six citations from all of the assigned sources. Outside sources or abridgement of sources will acquire you an automated zero. Please use the articulation beneath as the alone source: Zinn CH9 - http://www.historyisaweapon.com/zinnapeopleshistory.html (Links to an alien site.)  You will be graded on how able-bodied you acknowledgment the question, use and adduce EVERY SINGLE ONE OF the assigned readings in Chicago Style Format (endnotes), and present the advice in class.   Here's the question: Howard Zinn writes, “It would booty either a all-encompassing bondservant apostasy or a fullscale war” to end slavery. Similarly, Zinn’s primary contentions in this affiliate is—that the United States government “would never acquire an end to bullwork by rebellion. It would end bullwork alone beneath altitude controlled by whites.” Using examples from your account in Howard Zinn’s books, accede or disagree with his perspective. Do you anticipate that bullwork could accept been concluded after war? Explain.

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