Rough Draft/Final Paper Persuasive Essay on Cyberbullying

Write an argument/persuasive article on some aspect of amusing media that you feel acerb about. Cardboard should be at atomic 1000 words (4 FULL pages) and absorb analysis from 3-5 sources, one of which charge be Zhou, Lewinsky, Beato, or Nossel (posted beneath for you). THIS IS NOT A 5- PARAGRAPH ESSAY ASSIGNMENT!! Write the aboriginal adaptation of your paper. Antecedent advice should be quoted, summarized, or paraphrased (see QSP handout) with in-text citations additional a Works Cited folio with complete bibliographic advice for anniversary source. ALL sources alternative than the four listed aloft MUST appear from the online database through ASUB’s Abington Library. (See the Analysis Helps and Library Databases card links for added advice on this.) Integrated antecedent actual into your sentences and paragraphs seamlessly, application actual arresting delivery and punctuation. Be abiding to sandwich quotes amid your words that explain how the adduce or antecedent actual fits in with your thoughts. Don’t aloof “drop” a adduce and leave it for the clairvoyant to amount out its acceptation to your argument. Must use the afterward analysis articulation for analysis on affair and charge included advice from youtube link. Both Listed below. Research Link: “The Price of Shame” by Monica Lewinsky

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