Rosie September 16

Week 8: The Blue Team's War Allowance (Lessons Abstruse for Adventure Acknowledgment Exercise) Previous Next  This cilia hosts the "War Room" for the Adventure Acknowledgment Exercise that is allotment of your final activity for this course. Last week, we discussed how the Red Aggregation penetrated the Sifers-Grayson action (the "incident"). This week, we will aggregate "lessons learned" from your assay of the Red Team's successes in base vulnerabilities at Sifers-Grayson.  Your aboriginal announcement to the war allowance this anniversary should be a "Lessons Learned" analysis. You charge accommodate at atomic 5 specific "lessons learned." For anniversary item, accommodate a abbreviate appellation followed by a one branch description of (a) what happened, (b) the vulnerability that the Red Aggregation exploited, and (c) the capital "lesson learned" from this vulnerability or exploit. In your critiques and aftereffect postings, accommodate added advice about the accomplish or measures that Sifers-Grayson could booty to remediate or abolish the listed vulnerabilities. For your critiques this week, focus on the acquaint abstruse and acknowledging assay as presented by your aeon (2). For aftereffect postings, accord to the team's assignment in the war allowance and action suggestions for how the aggregation can advance its adventure acknowledgment efforts by leveraging the acquaint learned. You can and should use advice from the letters acquaint actuality as allotment of the adventure acknowledgment address which you will abide as your final activity for this course.

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