Romeo: Static Character

Throughout the comedy we see that Romeo’s abrupt decisions acreage him in arduous situations. His arbitrary behavior is approved through his adventurous adulation aback he anon moves on, afterwards anguish or additional thoughts, from Rosaline to Juliet whom he avalanche in adulation with instantly afterwards laying eyes on her. Prior to seeing Juliet, Romeo talks about his admiration with Rosaline, and the affliction he suffers aback he finds she does not adulation him back. Upon analytic for her at the Capulet’s party, sees Juliet, aback he says, “Did my affection adulation till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne’er saw accurate adorableness till this night,” (i. V. 51). His actual alteration amid lovers proves that his adulation for Juliet was abrupt and irrational. Aback Romeo hears of Juliet’s death, he says to himself, “Well Juliet, I will lie with thee tonight. Let’s see for means. ” (V. i. 34). His aboriginal anticipation is that if Juliet is dead, he charge dies too. Afterwards because any alternative options or activity to Friar Laurence for added details, he acts on a whim and kills himself, aback in absoluteness Juliet isn’t absolutely dead. These accomplishments prove Romeo as a changeless appearance because throughout the advance of the play, aback his adulation for Juliet ignites, comes to an end, and in alternative situations, Romeo does not anticipate his decisions through and acts on impulse. Romeo is in adulation with the abstraction of actuality in love. Instead of application his head, Romeo alone defines adulation with his eyes and heart. Aback it comes to emotions, Romeo is agog about actuality in love. Because he actually loves abounding characters throughout the play, it causes above conflicts. This makes him changeless because during the comedy he consistently lets love, and alternative emotions, get in the way and never learns from his mistakes. Aback Tybalt wants a bound Romeo says, “To such a greeting. Villain am I none,” (III. i. 63) and backs down. Afterwards Tybalt starts to insult Romeo, Mercutio gets in amid them and is afresh dead by Tybalt. “Now, Tybalt, booty the ‘villain’ aback afresh that backward thou gav’st me; for Mercutio’s soul,” (III. i. 125) Romeo bellows afore he stabs Tybalt. Because Romeo loves his friend, he lets his affections booty over and afterwards cerebration through his actions, carries them out no amount the consequences. To added prove that this is a changeless behavior, aback Romeo goes to see the Friar and tells him about his adulation for Juliet the Friar says, “Women may fall, aback there’s no backbone in men. ” (II. iii. 76) By this the Friar agency that *women can be absolved for actuality weak, back beggarly are not stronger. * This has happened to Romeo abounding times, and this makes him anemic and capricious aback it comes to love.

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