Answer ONE of the afterward questions , autograph almost 3 1/2-5 pages for your answer.  Your submissions should be 12pt chantry bifold spaced.   (if you are application any alternative alfresco sources, accomplish abiding that they are academic/peer-reviewed ones).  Use your own words, and accomplish abiding to adduce your sources.  In argument commendation is to be MLA style, i.e. (Boatwright 2011, 52). Your acquiescence charge use at atomic two (2) accessory sources (i.e. articles/textbooks of an bookish caliber) and one (1) primary antecedent (i.e. a antecedent accounting at the time such as Livy, Caesar, Polybius, etc.). Briefly altercate the causes and advance of the First Punic War. What advantages did both abandon accept at the alpha of the war?  How did this change by the end of the war?  What continued appellation furnishings did the cessation of the war accept on the Roman Republic? Discuss the captivation of Hannibal in the contest arch up to and including the Second Punic War (218-202 BC). What was his action in the war?  What were his successes?  Why did he ultimately abort to accomplish complete achievement over the Romans? Compare and adverse the acquisition of Spain with the acquisition of Greece in the 2nd aeon BC. Did the Senate of Rome initially accept any intentions of acquisition either area?  How was anniversary breadth run afterwards the conquest, and did Rome necessarily accept a “uniform” way of cardinal its provinces?

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