Roles in the courtroom

This presentation will acquiesce you to analyze the participants aural the administrative process, as able-bodied as convenance an important accomplishment aural the bent amends field: creating a presentation. There are abounding participants aural the administrative process. Narrowing your focus to the courtroom, actualize a presentation that addresses the roles of the attorneys workgroups and appraise the accord amid these professionals. These accommodate the judge, jury, prosecutor, and aegis counsel. You may actualize a presentation in Google Slides (Google Docs), PowerPoint, Prezi, or (with adviser approval) some alternative presentation tool. Use the addendum area or a abstracted Word certificate (if your apparatus does not accept a addendum section) to accommodate added addendum for anniversary accelerate that would be accessible to you during your presentation. For instructions about how to actualize addendum in your presentation, use the Addendum in Presentations instructions. Your presentation should accommodate references, as needed, in APA format. This adviser may abetment you if you are application PowerPoint. You may additionally ambition to appearance these videos that authenticate how to actualize a PowerPoint presentation with a PCor Mac. 

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