role play script

  Now that you accept completed your role comedy script, it is time  to almanac your role play. Practicing your amusing assignment abilities through  role plays is an capital allotment of a amusing assignment education. Role plays  assist you in anecdotic the areas area you are strong, as able-bodied as the  areas area you ability charge improvement. They additionally acquiesce you to advance  the amusing assignment instincts all-important to finer assignment with clients. PART A: Applicant Arrangement Role Comedy Video ( Im activity to accomplish the video based on your calligraphy u provide} Role Comedy Video (4–5 minutes): Record the role-play that you accept been alive  on back Anniversary 5. Although this is a role-play, you should authenticate  your professionalism in demeanor, appearance, and behavior. Please dress  professionally and ensure a quiet abode to almanac after  interruptions. Your video role-play, should include: A affirmation of the alternation amid  you, as the amusing assignment intern, and the applicant arrangement you called that  reflects the Engagement footfall in the Generalist Intervention Model. The  scene should accommodate the following: Demonstrating able accessory skills Discussing bureau casework and applicant expectations Deciding if the bureau and artisan can help Offering bureau and artisan casework to the client Orienting the applicant to the allowance process, including: A altercation of confidentiality A altercation of a amusing assignment intern’s role To abide your Project, do the following: Use the Kaltura Media Uploader to upload the video to the Project link: Project Forum – Anniversary 9. PART B: Applicant Arrangement Role Comedy Transcript( Use template) Using the aforementioned Role Comedy Calligraphy Arrangement provided  in the anniversary 5, accommodate a abundant calligraphy that includes accurately  dialogue, identifies non-verbal communication, and identifies convenance  skills/behaviors used. In the appropriate transcript, include: A description of the fabulous bureau ambience and types of casework provided at this agency. A description of the applicant arrangement (depending on the applicant akin you selected—micro, average or macro). An account of the presenting concern A  description of the applicant affair arena in which you apparatus the GIM  step and convenance abilities you accept called for alive with this applicant  system. A accurately calligraphy of the chat that occurs amid  you, as the amusing assignment intern, and the client(s). Note that the  dialogue should characterize the techniques you would use to apparatus the GIM  step and the convenance abilities you called for the applicant interaction.  [Column 1 in Template] A description of the beheld cues or  non-verbal advice that both the amusing artisan and the applicant  exhibited during the alternation that abutment the GIM footfall and convenance  skills you selected. [Column 2 in Template] Identification of specific convenance techniques/skills demonstrated. [Column 3 in Template]

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