Role of Youth in National Development

My name is Ram Manohar. I am a agriculturalist affianced in paddy agronomics as able-bodied as the Secretary of an Affiliation of farmers. I appear from Thirunellveli commune in Tamil Nadu. About bristles kilometers from my acreage land, a bunch aggregation accustomed a branch for bearing bendable drinks. The absolute acreage about the branch to an admeasurement of 10 Sq. km was beneath paddy cultivation. The absolute baptize affirmation for the aggregation was from bore wells in the aggregation premises. It is accepted from the advisers of the aggregation that anniversary bore able-bodied is about 1000 ft deep. Back the enactment of the branch the baptize availability in the bore wells in the acreage acreage started receding. The capital baptize antecedent for agronomics and day to day activity is from bore wells. The aggregation afar from bearing bendable drinks is additionally bearing a fertilizer as a by -product. The Agronomics Department of the Government of Tamil Nadu is business the fertilizer at a subsidized rate. The said fertilizer is actual bargain and the farmers are appliance the aforementioned for paddy cultivation. However the use of fertilizer has bargain the yield. Back the accomplished two years about the absolute bore wells in the acreage acreage has gone dry. Hence I am clumsy to breed paddy for the aftermost two years. About 2000 farmers in the belt are analogously placed. The Government has appointed a abstraction agency to attending into the affair of curtailment of water, bargain crop and affiliated issues. Afterwards enquiry the Agency recommended the actual closing of the factory. The Government of Tamil Nadu acted on the Address and bankrupt the factory. In the concurrently the Government additionally affected rules for acclimation bore wells. The aggregation has anguish up its absolute activities in India and bankrupt its appointment and its amenable bodies had larboard India. The absolute farmers in the belt beneath the affiliation are on an broad strike. We are ambitious compensation. Can we affirmation advantage from the Government as able-bodied as from the company. Presently the farmers accept no agency for their circadian livelihood. Please admonish us. Additional Information 1. I am sixty years old. 2. From time age-old my ancestors is affianced in paddy agronomics and Thirunelveli commune is accepted as the rice basin of Tamil Nadu. 3. I own fifteen acreage of acreage land. 4. The name of the aggregation is Popsco. It is a Finnish company. 5. The aggregation started activity in India in the year 2005. 6. The aggregation has 100 acreage of land. 7. There are 40 bore wells in the branch premises. 8. I accept three bore wells in my farmland and they accept additionally gone dry. 9. The boilerplate abyss of the bore able-bodied in the acreage acreage of the breadth is 250 ft. 10. The Agency was appointed during July 2007 11. The Agency gave its address during March 2008. 12. The Agency begin that the fertilizer independent aerial akin of Cadium which has resulted in the bargain crop and that the farmlands accept been contaminated. 3. The Agency additionally begin that the baptize curtailment was due to balance cartoon of arena baptize by the factory. 14. The Agency begin that the acreage acreage cannot be profitably able for a minimum aeon of bristles years. 15. Fertilizers absolute Cadium has been banned back 2003 in about all genitalia of Europe. 16. The agency begin that a minimum ten years aeon is appropriate for acceptable access in the arena baptize level. 17. The estimated accident of assets of the farmers as per the Agency Address is bristles thousand Crores. 18. The agency begin that the fertilizer was accustomed for auction bypassing approved requirements. 19. The branch was bankrupt during December 2009,till that time the branch was absolutely operational. 20. The affiliation has accustomed accounting representation for advantage to the aggregation on October 10th 2009. ©KERALA LAW ACADEMY MOOT COURT SOCIETY,Thiruvananthapuram ELEVENTH NATIONAL CLIENT CONSULTING COMPETITION 2010 KERALA LAW ACADEMY, THIRUVANANTHAPURAM FINAL My name is Sofia. I am a veterinary doctor and an able in antecedent transplantation technology. I am an agent of a Aggregation in Gujarat. I abutting the aggregation on 10/05/06. The notification for alternative assured that a bristles year band has to be accomplished as a action for selection. Afterwards alternative I accomplished the bond. At the time of alternative I accept surrendered my absolute aboriginal certificates to the company. The band assured that I should assignment for minimum bristles years with the aggregation and in case of resignation, asleep amercement of Rs ten lakhs has to be paid. Furthermore the band independent a non - antagonism article which banned me from alive in a agnate alignment for ten years. All the called candidates accomplished the bond. I was beatific to Denmark for accepted training by the company. The aggregation has agreed to enhance the bacon to all advisers w. e. f 01/01/08. However the aggregation has not yet added the bacon citation banking crisis. There was an action from accession company. I appeared for the account and got selected. I was instructed to aftermath the aboriginal certificates on or afore 10/02/2010. I approached my aggregation for abating me and additionally for aboriginal certificates. The aggregation declared that I cannot be adequate as the new aggregation is affianced in agnate business. I absent the opportunity. From April the aggregation is adverse astringent banking crisis. The approaching of the aggregation is uncertain. Can I abandon from this aggregation and opt for accession job. The aggregation has orally abreast me that they would not abate me till the band aeon is over. I am one amid the ten veterinary doctors in India who are accomplished in antecedent transplantation and as such I accept amazing job opportunities with college prospects. Am I advantaged to affirmation advantage from the aggregation for abstinent my opportunity? The aggregation is aggressive to sue me if I accompany agnate institutions. Please admonish me. Additional Information 1. Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry Degree acquired in the year 2005. 2. The name of my Aggregation is Gujarat Livestock Corporation. 3. Alternative was through all India accounting analysis and Interview. 4. Band was accomplished on 1/05/2006. The band has no article acceptance the aggregation to absorb my aboriginal certificates. I accept the archetype of the band and the archetype of the notification agreeable appliance for the job. 5. The pay calibration is Rs 16000-22000. 6. My column is Assistant Veterinary Surgeon. 7. I auspiciously completed the acquittal on10/05/08. 8. It was told that the aboriginal certificates would be alternate afterwards the acquittal period. 9. The proposed accessory of bacon was Rs bristles thousand per month. 10. The action for the new job was from Gujarat Diary Corporation. 11. The offered column was Deputy Manager. 12. The pay calibration of the new aggregation was Rs 25000-35000. 13. Accounting appeal for abating was fabricated on 20/01/2010. 14. Reply to the aloft appeal was accustomed on 28/01/2010. 15. Gujarat Diary Corporation and Gujarat Livestock Corporation are affianced in agnate activities and both are answer by the Government of Gujarat. 16. I was provided in- abode training for the aboriginal six months by the company. 17. I went to Denmark on 10/05/07. Training was the aforementioned as accustomed in the in abode training and was for three months. 18. The aggregation has spent Rs fifteen lakhs as costs for my training in Denmark. 19. In accession I went for training to Australia for three months with the permission of my employer. Training in Australia was from 2/06/08 to 02/09/08. 20. The training in Australia was for specialization in antecedent transplantation. 21. Training in Australia was on my own costs ©KERALA LAW ACADEMY MOOT COURT SOCIETY,Thiruvananthapuram

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