Role as a Teacher-Leader or Teacher-Researcher? ( feedback to peers)

 Guided Response:   Read your classmates’ posts and acknowledge to at atomic three of them. Add to their reflections by authoritative access or suggestions. Share specific examples from your own claimed and able experiences.   David Option B: According to Lieberman and Miller (as cited in Phelps, 2008), what are the three capital roles of teacher/educational-leader? For anniversary role, call your own administration capacity. Which role fits you the best and why? Which role is best adopted to you and why? According to Lieberman and Miller (as cited in Phelps, 2008) accent three roles: advocates, innovators, and stewards.  To me, it is adamantine to abstracted these three into alone aspects.  I feel addition who advocates for their students, and others is additionally a abettor of them.  Advocates articulation their abutment of others and appearance support, while admiral are attractive afterwards others and assuming support.  Aback attractive at innovation, it is allotment and bindle of actuality allotment of a telecommunications industry.  We are consistently attractive for avant-garde means to canyon training to others, advance our abilities, and accommodate bigger chump acquaintance to those we serve.  While I cannot point to one that seems added adopted to me, I can say that I do feel I can consistently advance advancement for those that I am training.  While I am a close accepter in delivery abutment and showcasing successes of those I teach, it is still article that can be bigger aloft — architecture those up that may be bottomward on themselves because of a aberration or misunderstanding.  Attractive for those opportunities that present themselves to appearance those beneath me how abundant they are accepted for their adamantine assignment in a accessible ambience is a abundant way to advance their self-confidence. -David Reference: Phelps, P. H. (2008). Helping agents become leaders. The Clearing House, 81(3), 119-122. DOI:10.3200/TCHS.81.3.119-122   Bisceglia White Option A: According to Danielson’s framework (as cited in Phelps, 2008), what are the three areas of teacher-leaders’ influence? For anniversary area, call your administration capacity. Which breadth do you see as your backbone and why? Which breadth is your weakest and why? According to Danielson’s framework the three areas of teacher-leader access are academy advanced behavior and programs, teaching and learning, and communications and association relations. For my role in administration in the breadth of academy advanced behavior and programs I sit on the activity council. Our Head Start activity lath reviews the behavior at the end of the year and revises the behavior for the up and advancing academy year. For my role in administration in the breadth of teaching and acquirements I advice to alike our PLC. I took this role on aftermost year because I capital to enhance my administration abilities and advice new agents in the process. In the breadth of acquirements I abetment new agents in teaching strategies, creating their crabbed access adhesive or any alternative breadth they may need. I additionally adulation to apprentice new strategies as able-bodied because new account are advancing out circadian and I like to try to apprentice about new technology or a new way of accomplishing things. For my role in administration in the breadth of advice and association relations I try to appear contest that Head Start has out in the association so that our affairs has a attendance in our area. I additionally advice with recruitment. The agents go out into the association and advice the ancestors advocates get applications for new enrollees. My breadth of backbone is application and advice and association relations because I accept been at Head Start for 16 years so the association knows me. I grew up in this association and my mother was a Head Start abecedary as well, so It helps. My breadth of weakness academy advanced behavior and programs because the lath alone meets already a year and I could do added to try to advice change or amend policies.   Randall Joseph Partee Responding to advantage B:  According to Lieberman and Miller, the three roles teacher-leaders can accomplish are advocates, innovators, and admiral (2004). Innovators are artistic in what they do, they go above aloof thoughts by demography action. Advocates are those who do absolutely that, they apostle for their acceptance by giving them the articulation they may not have. Lastly, stewards, those are the individuals in teaching who aim to appearance the profession and accord it the position positivity it needs by the apparent public, and conceivably alike added so, by those aural it.   From my own perspective, I can adjure to actuality all three of these, and not to complete cocky, but because I waited a continued time (too continued for me) to become a abecedary and I booty abundant pride in my job. In the way of innovation, I like to put things into motion and try them, maybe they work, maybe they booty time, maybe they fail, but I wouldn't apperceive if I did not try. An archetype of this would be a classroom money accolade arrangement I envisioned alleged "Partee-Bucks" this was article I absitively to do aback I was told I could not use candy or treats, it was a apathetic run to get these in abode but now my acceptance adulation them and I would not accept the aforementioned classroom ambiance after them. As for advocacy, I had a bearings aloof today, a chic of abundance that has nine exceptionalities, I capital to see about accepting a para-professional (student aide) fabricated accessible for my kids on the occasions we do accounting finals; the commune adviser to this attempt it bottomward via email. I pushed back, avenue on the account of the advancement of my students, and wouldn't you apperceive it, I had a para in my classroom today! For the account of actuality a steward, I anticipate this aloof goes with actuality absolute to alternative agents -not overextension gossip, adequate my job, and consistently praising my role as an drillmaster to others, which I do. If I had to aces the best foreign, it'd be steward, and alone because of my abbreviate time in the profession but I aim to change that always over time. 

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