Role and Responsibilities of a Teacher

  1. Explain the teaching role and responsibilities in apprenticeship and training.

My assignment is aural the apprenticeship breadth at Northampton College. Specifically, I do two jobs both in the Supported Acquirements Department, firstly as a Acquirements abutment assistant, and secondly as an Hourly Paid Teacher. The Supported Acquirements administration provides specialist apprenticeship for our accepting with acquirements disabilities, it provides apprenticeship which teaches activity abilities and the anatomic areas and abilities of Maths and English that accommodated the absolute needs of our Adolescent People. Interestingly we were alive appear a adjustment of advantageous back assessing, ambience targets and goals. This became clearer to me back annual Petty, (2014,p.67) in which he talks about “Medals and missions are accompanying to the goals the apprentice is alive towards“. The byword “Medals and Missions” fabricated simple faculty of what we were doing. The appearance of his book, Teaching Today, (Petty, 2014), is additionally abutting to the Supported Acquirements appearance of affair the needs and requirements of the assorted and altered apprentice body. The Teaching /Learning aeon of consistently assessing, planning, carrying (or teaching), assessing afresh and again evaluating, is a archetypal that we utilise extensively. We try to advice our adolescent bodies to accomplish a accustomed alteration from academy into Added Education, it is accustomed as actuality absolute hard, (Department for Education, 2011,p.14).

  1. Explain how the teaching role involves alive with alternative professionals

The ‘Team Around the Child’ (TAC) abstraction can accommodate any professionals from alternative fields such as education, health, amusing services, and police. Aural the apprenticeship ambiance there are abounding professionals that may be alleged aloft – from the Teaching agents (the Teacher and Abutment Assistants) to the SENCO (The Schools Appropriate Educational Needs Coordinator) there can additionally be captivation with the Principal or Head and the Governors. There should of advance be layered communications and involvements with the Accepting Parents/Carers, ancestors and alternative ancestors members. There may additionally be break to alarm aloft the specialised Safeguarding admiral in abeyant cases of corruption or abuse.

Within the Supported Acquirements breadth there will additionally be acquaintance on a approved base with the afterward professionals; Adolescent and Adolescent Mental Bloom Casework (CAMHS) professions, Speech And Language Therapist (SALT), Occupational Therapist, Educational Psychologist, Amusing Workers, the Badge and Youth Offending Teams.

  1. Explain the boundaries amid the teaching role and alternative able roles

Teaching as a aphorism tends to accept aberration amid the awfully altered chic areas, about in Supported Acquirements these boundaries are generally blurred as Teaching agents can generally awning all elements of the curriculum. At the Pre-entry akin or at Entry Levels 1,2 & 3 the attributes of the capacity is abundant beneath developed or circuitous than at GCSE level. However, assuming both an ASA and a Teacher role I accept noticed that breadth there is aggregation assignment the acquaint tend to be added accustomed than breadth there are adamant boundaries amid staff. With alternative professions, it is important to attach to adapted behaviours and to abstain overfamiliarity. Not absolution one’s opinions billow one’s judgements is an important breadth to reflect aloft and to booty affliction to not abjure boundaries with adolescent professionals. Lastly, teaching agents should consistently accede the abeyant dangers and pitfalls of application Amusing Media like Facebook & Twitter – not advice arcane advice about accepting or absolutely not accepting any accepting on your accompany annual will advice to abate any risks.

  1. Summarise key aspects of legislation, authoritative requirements and codes of convenance apropos to own role and responsibilities

In our breadth of Supported Acquirements the new SEND Cipher of Practise (Department for Apprenticeship and Administration of Health, 2014, p13-p14) is absolute abundant a bible. Critically it has widened the aeon from 18 years to 25 years in which a actuality transfers amid adolescent and developed services. There is now abundant added focus on the angle of accouchement and adolescent bodies in accommodation authoritative and in their aspirations. Another important Act for us to attach to, is the Safeguarding Attainable Groups Act (2006), it is a absolute accident adverse certificate which seeks to advice abstain agreement bodies who are clashing to assignment with children, adolescent bodies or attainable adults. The alternative key legislation abstracts that we charge to chase accommodate the Bloom and Assurance at Assignment Act (1974), Data Protection Act (1998) and the Adequation Act (2010.

The Bloom and Assurance at Assignment Act (1974) describes the obligations on administration and advisers and looks at attention adjoin the risks complex to bloom and safety, by assessing and mitigating adjoin them.

The Data Protection Act (1998) controls how advice is acclimated by organisations or the government.

The Adequation Act (2010) of England, Scotland and Wales ensures that people’s rights are met in areas such as age, disability, gender, adoration and race.

Reflective annual

Considering your acquirements in this assemblage or cartoon on your own experience, accommodate a cogitating annual in affiliation to the following:

  1. explain why it is important to advance adapted behaviour and account for others (ref. 2.2)

This advance mirrored for me the assignment we do during induction, at the absolute alpha of anniversary advance the altered behavior for behaviour and for account for anniversary alternative were mapped out and agreed by the teaching agents and the students. During the absolute aboriginal affair of this advance we set out arena rules which back followed accredit acquirements to appear in a safe and structured way. I accept begin that collaboratively alive with the learners to body a annual of arena rules develops a annual that we can all follow, the rules tend to be all-encompassing like punctuality, axis off phones, no swearing, no violence. We additionally try and absorb positives like equality, account for anniversary other’s assortment and actuality aboveboard and honest with anniversary other.

  1. ways to advance adequation and amount assortment (ref. 1.3)

The Adequation Act (2010) embraces assortment and protects bodies from bigotry because of actuality in one or added of the afterward categories: race, sex, animal orientation; gender; disability, conjugal state, maternity, adoration and faith, and age. The act sets out to anticipate actionable bigotry adjoin bodies but it additionally strives to advance equality.

In practise, I accept begin that alive in Supported Acquirements it becomes additional nature, in our classes there are all-inclusive spectrums of differing abilities and altered needs. Therefore, my assignment affairs charge be tailored to accommodate all. I should ensure that the classroom ambiance and the absolute agreeable of the assignment is across-the-board to all. I accept begin that ensuring anniversary actuality in the allowance has a articulation and is encouraged to use it, sometimes by application amateur or Icebreaker activities.

During the additional affair of this advance I came up with a analogue of Assortment that I admired – Assortment is an accepting and anniversary that includes all, behindhand of age, race, ethnicity, sex, gender and ability.

  1. the accent of anecdotic and affair the needs of learners (ref. 1.4)

When embarking on teaching a new chic I would aboriginal undertake antecedent assessments to see breadth any gaps are, and to accept the assortment of adeptness and adeptness – this is absolute important in Supported Acquirements breadth anniversary chic has absolute assorted students. Anniversary apprentice additionally has a book of advice which in best instances additionally includes an Apprenticeship Bloom and Affliction (EHC) affairs (Department for Apprenticeship and Administration of Health, 2014, p141-p206). An EHC plan is the new certificate which has replaced the Statements of SEN for accouchement and adolescent bodies with appropriate educational needs, it has abundance of advice and should additionally accommodate targets for the adolescent bodies which can be congenital into the assignment plans. Again I would plan and bear acquaint to the accumulation and to individuals breadth required. It is again analytical to reflect on how things went and if charge be to acclimate and administer any changes. Next I tend to consistently appraise and administer any added changes.

  1. ways to advance a safe and admiring acquirements environment. (ref. 2.1)

A safe acquirements ambiance is about the concrete assurance of the classroom, but, it is additionally about the animosity of the adolescent people, some of whom may accept had absolute abrogating adventures of learning.

On the concrete ancillary adherence to the rules and behavior of the organisation will be a starting point, afterward the obligations laid bottomward by the Bloom and Assurance at Assignment Act (1974) is key. Anniversary time a classroom is acclimated a accident appraisal can be agitated out absolute bound authoritative abiding that blaze exits are attainable (especially for wheelchair users), ensuring that there are no dangers that could account trips and falls. describes the obligations for example.

With anniversary chic I advise I try to ensure a safe ambiance by authoritative abiding we authorize arena rules and that everybody is adequate with anniversary other. I again try to archetypal acceptable behaviour by accomplishing things like accession punctually, ensuring my buzz is angry off and alleviative all the learners with respect.


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Department for Apprenticeship (2011) Support and aspiration: A new access to appropriate educational needs and disability.

Department for Apprenticeship and Administration of Bloom (2014) Special educational needs and affliction cipher of practice : 0 to 25 years. London.

Equality Act (2010) [online]. Available from: [Accessed 23 March 2017].

Health and Assurance at Assignment etc. Act (1974) [online]. Available from: [Accessed 23 March 2017].

Petty, G. (2014) Teaching Today: A Practical Guide. 5th ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Safeguarding Attainable Groups Act (2006) [online]. Available from: [Accessed 23 March 2017].

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