PREPARE A ROGERIAN ESSAY ON THE MERITS OF AN ALL VOLUNTEER FORCE OVER THE SELECTIVE SERVICE SYSTEM.  YOUR CLAIM IS THAT THE SELECTIVE SERVICE OF THE USA IS OUTDATED AND AN ALL VOLUNTEER FORCE WOULD ESTABLISH A MORE PATRIOTIC MILITARY. This article charge accommodate a minimum of SIX sources. Three should be peer-reviewed sources.  I HAVE INCLUDED THE 3 PEER REVIEWED SOURCES AS ATTACHMENTS AND HERE ARE THEIR WORK CITED: Yuengert, Louis G. "America's all Volunteer Force: A Success?" Parameters, vol. 45, no. 4, 2016, pp. 53-64, ProQuest Central, Korb, Lawrence J., and Sean E. Duggan. "An all-Volunteer Army? Recruitment and its Problems." PS, Political Science & Politics, vol. 40, no. 3, 2007, pp. 467-471,456, ProQuest Central,  Bandow, Doug. "Mend, Never End, the All-Volunteer Force." Orbis, vol. 44, no. 3, Summer2000, p. 463. EBSCOhost, Make abiding to accommodate the afterward sections in your essay:   an addition and claim, background, body, and a conclusion.   Within the anatomy of your essay, accomplish abiding to accommodate the afterward in any order:   The accomplishments for your called topic, the action - use an bookish tone, and do not appearance bias, the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents' claims, bookish research,  your affirmation -- use an bookish tone, and do not appearance bias, altercate the warrants for your affirmation and the action in adjustment to acquisition the accepted ground, and appearance the accepted arena amid your opponents' affirmation and your claim. HERE IS A SAMPLE OUTLINE: I. Addition and thesis II. Accomplishments Info   a. Aboriginal example   b. Additional etc. III. Appearance Understanding of Opposition   a. Fairly present and appearance amount of aboriginal acumen of alternative side   b. Fairly present and appearance amount of additional acumen of alternative side (**You ability accept assorted paragraphs for assorted sides.)   IV. Assert your Position   a. Aboriginal reason   b. Additional reason (**might accept assorted paragraphs for assorted sides) V. Demonstrate Accepted Ground   a. Appearance concessions in some (not all) situations based on context   b. Appearance college interest, goal, or account achieved** (** This additionally ability be in the conclusion.)   VI. Conclusion   a. Summary   b. Implications    FINALLY: An annotated Bibliography (AB) is due with your Rogerian essay. Using the MLA guide, account anniversary antecedent as it will arise on the Works Cited folio of your essay. Summarize anniversary antecedent in two or three grammatically-correct  sentences. These abbreviate summaries are the "annotations." ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGIARISM NOT EVEN 5%, NO GRAMMATICAL ERRORS, ESSAY SHOULD BE IN THIRD PERSON MLA STYLE AND MINIMUM OF 1000 WORDS. YOU MUST FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!

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