Robust assessments

  1. NOTE: You do not need to "complete your own analysis about designing appointment with able-bodied assessments", as acclaimed on the instructions that you will download.
  2. Using the Merrimack appointment plan template, actualize two appointment affairs that abutment apprentice needs in literacy.

Also note, the links aural the instructions book for use.
Please appearance absolute 24 minute webinar apropos appointment plans. This will be actually best accessible back commutual this plan. Viewing this webinar is a claim above-mentioned to alpha appointment on this assignment. 
Following is the articulation to the webinar...
I accept additionally included a book with the PowerPoint that goes with the webinar. Through the PowerPoint you will be able to admission added links that are anchored and will abetment with this assignment. Accessing and reviewing these links are important in creating these plans.
Please agenda these affairs should be for a kindergarten classroom. 
I accept included an archetype of a appointment plan for you to accretion a bigger compassionate of how they should be set up. 
Please use the gradual release model for the appointment commitment portion. Professor requires this. There is a articulation to the bit-by-bit absolution archetypal in the PowerPoint. 
All genitalia of the appointment plan charge to be adamant and go forth with the Big Idea and the standard(s) chosen.
Also note, the two affairs should both be accompanying to literacy, but not the aforementioned topic. One should be based in reading comprehension and the other writing
Finally, I accept included the ELA standards (file) you will charge to use. Ensure to accept from adapted affair and brand level. 
PS- Essential Questions charge to be accessible concluded with no bright appropriate or amiss or yes or no answer. They should be anticipation afflictive and accompanying to the lesson.

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