Robin Hood

Hero or Criminal? Abounding bodies accede Robin Hood a hero. He was absolutely a hero to the peasants of Nottingham. After all he blanket from the affluent and gave to the poor. If I were poor he would accept been my hero, too. But to the affluent bodies of Nottingham he was annihilation added than a criminal. I'm abiding I wouldn't anticipate too awful of addition that blanket my money. What Robin Hood never took into application was that alike admitting the aftereffect was acceptable the advance of activity he took wasn't right. So was he a hero or a criminal? Some bodies accede him a affectionate hearted hero. Others anticipate of him as a algid hearted criminal. So which is it? It all depends on your perspective. The fable of Robin Hood is one of the best acclaimed legends around. "He is the accountable of about forty English and Scottish ballads and abundant tales, plays, and films" (Wilhelm "Robin Hood"). But a fable isn't consistently a fact. "Practically all that is accepted of the medieval fable of Robin Hood is acquired from bristles actual balladry or ballads and a fragment of a play" (Holt 15). "The aboriginal arcane advertence to Robin Hood is in 1377. Much of the amusing accomplishments in the aboriginal ballads resembles the 14th century. But there are some affidavit to accept that the Robin Hood fable was animate and able-bodied in the 13th aeon too. Hence, some historians like J. C. Holt adopt an beforehand absolute Robin Hood" (Robin Hood-The Search for the Absolute Robin Hood 9). No one knows for abiding if Robin Hood is alike a absolute character. "According to one acceptable story, Robin Hood was absolutely the Earl of Huntingdon, and his absolute name was Robert Fitzooth. But abounding advisers accept Robin Hood is absolutely fictitious. ("Robin Hood" 346). Roger Dodsworth, one of the greatest abstracts of the antique movement of the seventeenth century, noted: Robert Locksley, built-in in Bradfield parish, in Hallamshire [S. Yorkshire], blood-soaked his stepfather to afterlife at plough: fled into the woods, and was adequate by his mother till he was discovered. Then he came to Clifton aloft Calder, and came acquainted with Little John, that kept the kine, which said John is active at Hathershed in Derbyshire, area he hath a fair cairn with an inscription. Mr. Long saith that Fabyan saith, Little John was an Earl Huntingdon . After he abutting with Much, the Miller's son. (Holt 44) There are additionally some alternative bodies that could accept aggressive the Robin Hood legend. Perhaps the ancient outlaw Robin Hood is Robert Hood, assistant of the Abbot of Cirencester. Sometime amid 1213 and 1216, he murdered a man alleged Ralph in the abbot's garden. Best Robin Hood legends belief do accord the allegorical outlaw a animosity adjoin the church. But J. C. Holt dismisses this one as actuality too far from Robin's accepted setting. (Robin Hood-The Search for the Absolute Robin Hood 9) There is additionally affirmation to abutment the legend. A cairn has been begin with the afterward inscription: Here beneath this little bean Lies Robert, Earl of Huntington. Ne'er archer was as he so acceptable And bodies alleged him Robin Hood. Such outlaws as he and his men Will England never see again. (Lapman v) This leads some bodies to accept that Robin Hood is based on a absolute person. Absolute or apocryphal it is still a legend.

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