Robin Hood Case Study Discussion

1. Describe how Robin Awning developed his antecedent action for aggressive with the sheriff of Nottingham and altercate how he implemented it. Critique this approach. The aboriginal botheration analogue of aerial taxation that faced the bodies gave way for a new bazaar which was stormed by Robin Hood. Seemingly an actionable act, his mission was to “steal from the rich, and accord to the poor”. As he entered the market, he was faced with animosity of the prince and the sheriff. Robin Awning and his bandage of Amusing men blanket from the affluent and gave to the poor which is in achievement is absolutely adverse to the accomplishments of his rivals. As Robin Awning entered the absolute alcove bazaar he acquired acceptance and abutment amidst the accepted folk as he was bartering a altered good/service. He provides a chargeless account to the poor afterwards his operating costs are accounted for. Also, the bodies had a alternative for his artefact and access were not calmly akin or affected by the competition. By accepting this support, this action was to his advantage adjoin Prince John and the sheriff. The assessment of abundant accepted folk would accept abiding Prince John to change the law of arbitrary taxation. Robin bound accomplished that there was little he could do himself; which led to development of the alignment by aesthetic animal resources. He approved abutting allies who would chase his eyes of avengement for the sheriff and the prince. These men would act as absolute subordinates, about as time progress, admission was accustomed with beneath assay whereby the alone free agency was loyalty. He believed backbone lay in numbers. Robin implemented his action of ‘strength in numbers’ by gluttonous conduct from his bandage of men which ensured accord in the organization. This was accomplished through a specific administration aural the authoritative hierarchy. As a aftereffect they became added able in their action adjoin the sheriff. This affected the Amusing Men to alive alfresco the law which was additionally adapted to accretion acceptable conduct in the group. This alignment was adequately simple. Critique By accepting a ample admeasurement of subordinates, Robin acquired a assignment force that is not necessarily accomplished as he accustomed any to accompany who asked few questions. In accomplishing so, added man-hours would accept to be spent in training. Also if prescreening of the new entrants existed, the abstraction of application the entrants with absolute abilities can accord way for a added able organization. I. e. farmers would accept been acclimated not for war but for food. As the better centralized bind faced the bandage was an added accumulation admeasurement infrastructure, aliment and alternative concrete assets would bound diminish. Appropriately acid amount should be priority, appropriately tradeoffs can be fabricated by employing accomplished workers for authentic job. E. g. famers and hunters With the ideal of abnormal interview, his alignment could be calmly infiltrated by his competitors appropriately abating their plan and strategies. . Identify authoritative characteristics and ambiance characteristics that would advance you to anticipate robin awning is astute to because a change in action as he enters his attack additional year? Robin’s alignment could be apparent as one of a hierarchy, he is the accomplished actuality in the alignment which can put him in roles such as C. E. O. or chairman. His albatross is to agent specific assignment to his lieutenants, anniversary has their own functions which contributes to the success of the amusing men as a unit. For archetype Will Scarlett was assigned the important assignment of shadowing the sheriff and advice the amusing men of the sheriff abutting move. Figure 1: Robin's Authoritative Bureaucracy The action of the bandage was basic to befitting them absorbed in the purpose of the vendetta. Action access seeks to explain all kinds of motivated behavior in altered situations, including behavior in the organizations. Since the majority of behavior is faculty motivated, individuals are abundantly afflicted by their environment. Maslow’s access of animal motivation, all bodies accept a charge or admiration for cocky respect, cocky esteem, and account from others. This anon applies to the Amusing Men, for they approved account and were appreciative of their acclaimed adage “Rob from the affluent and accord to the poor”. The resourced based archetypal was important in the success of the group; bristles factors were looked at which the bandage approved resources, capability, aggressive advantage, adorable industry, action conception and implementation. The ability of the accumulation came from the merchants that biking through the forest, initially the ability was consistently accessible but t was bound acceptable dispersed as merchants was allotment a altered route. The men were appropriately accomplished to plan their robbery and accomplished in their archery, however, the influxes of new recruits were alpha to ache the affluence of the accumulation as training and aliment was costly. Robin and the amusing men had the abutment from their barter which were the peasants and farmers but now as assets was low and the aliment amount was aerial they would accept to tax the actual bodies which they helped acceptation that the peasants and farmers could about-face on them and add to their troubles. Understanding the ability abject of the accumulation I could see why a change in action was wise. Figure 2: Resourced Based Archetypal Robin and his alignment were in crisis due to abridgement of a able accumulated strategy. The amusing men were growing, with ample cardinal of new recruits but the amoebic anatomy is not cohesive. Communication and conduct is actuality burst down, table 3 beneath shows some options robin could use and their SWOT analysis. | Opportunities | Threats | Strengths| SO Strategies: Kill the Sheriff * Wipe him out, no added problems * Has the men to do it When the sheriff is gone, disband. ST Strategies: Accompany the barons * Has the angry force * Get admission to basic markets * Maybe ends the battle quicker| Weakness | WO Strategies: Limit admeasurement of bandage * About-face the angry bandage into a accumulation of elites * Maintains conduct * Solves aliment issues * Basically, abbreviate growth| WT Strategies: Adjourn * Accord up the cause, acknowledgment to accustomed activity * Robin flees to addition country to escape punishment| Figure 3: SWOT Matrix Problems Robin and his alignment faced: * Abridgement of conduct Aliment amount * Shelter/space curtailment * Aliment curtailment * training * aegis and acuity (whoever capital to accompany was taken in and there could be traitors and spies) These problems charge to be abode if the bandage is to accept any adventitious adjoin the sheriff and prince John. 3. Assume that Robin Awning has asked you to advice him devise a new strategy. Identify a set of factors for him to accede in alteration strategy. It was axiomatic from the adventure that Robin Awning bare to change his admission attributable to both centralized and alien factors. An amoral workforce forth with clashing supplier area led to the border of bread-and-butter viability. Changing the all-embracing ambition of his alignment to anchored alteration taxation would abatement his aggressive advantage over the Sheriff. As a aftereffect the amount of amenities which Mr. Awning provided to the accepted folk would increase. If he chooses this aisle he would lose his loyal supporters which kept him in ascendancy of the absorbed market. The farmers and townspeople would again favor Prince John’s babyminding and await on his benevolence for commodities. In the accident of this bearings Robin Hood’s capital foe, The Sheriff would become stronger in ablaze of his political affiliation with the prince. Although his assignment force was consistently growing, its abundance was diminutive. He claimed that he was not accustomed with a ample citizenry of his organization. It would be in Robin’s best absorption to restructure his assignment force. He would accretion an advantage by decentralizing the aggregation into several cocky comestible units; anniversary assemblage consisting of aggregation manager, lieutenants and assorted subordinates. Akin to a franchised organization, anniversary aggregation assemblage would be operating beneath the Robin Awning cast name, accept the aforementioned ambition as Robin, and accomplish aural the banned of Robin. This anatomy would be beneath ambitious to according and acquiesce him to devise alternating strategies. Since Robin additionally had a botheration with a absolute Sherwood Backwoods location, this anatomy would additionally aid his beard from his suppliers, the affluent merchant travelers and the Sheriff. It is an brash best for Robin to alter from his amount adequacy and abstruse accomplishment of banditry. The change in profession may advance to a abridgement of activity which would reflect ailing through the eyes of his followers and his cast name. 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