Robin Hood Case Analysis and Strategy Recommendations

ROBIN HOOD Case Analysis and Strategy Recommendations Case Analysis Robin Hood and his bandage of Merrymen is the accountable of this case study. In this abstraction I found, Robin Hood’s capital botheration was the accretion admeasurement of his band. Initially, he had hoped that backbone lay in numbers and the added Merry men he had, the bigger it would be for him to finer action adjoin the sheriff’s administration. He did not put abundant anticipation into annoyance the cardinal of bodies actuality recruited. The bind occurred aback the accretion cardinal of men had fabricated the bandage a corporation. The added men were recruited into the organization, the beneath face to face alternation Robin had encountered with anniversary of his men. This would accomplish it adamantine for him to accomplish rules and regulations application his old means because acuity was not present with the new recruits. Moreover, the accommodation to armamentarium the accretion cardinal of bodies became actual scarce. Supplies bare to be acquired from outlaying villages. This is a actual bright aftereffect of any accretion organization. A academic anatomy bare to be activated and a alternation of controlling affair bare to be accustomed so as to adviser the added cardinal of bodies in the organization. The antecedent mission of the band, “Rob the affluent and accord to the poor” was no best able to the band. The funds acquired from the absolute confiscation of the affluent were no best all-around the accretion cardinal of the bodies in the band. The mission account had to be revised to board the alteration means of the organization. New strategies additionally allegation to be alien to accommodated the armamentarium requirements of the band. Moreover, there bare to be a afterlight to the objectives of the bandage so as to absolute the cardinal of bodies actuality recruited. This, in my opinion, is a primary affair that needs attention. Robin Hood’s angle to run a action of adopting a anchored alteration tax to whomever anesthetized through the Sherwood Forest seems achievable but the Merrymen’s affair of jeopardizing the allies’ abutment in their action adjoin the Sheriff is additionally relevant. Recommendations In my opinion, Robin Hood’s aboriginal antecedence should be to adapted anatomy and alignment in the band. He needs to admeasure addition in allegation of annoyance the cardinal of new recruits and seek alternative means of award accoutrement for his men. Once all this is done, he needs to booty the abundant accident of acceptable the barons in their mission to accomplishment King Richard and restore aback in power. By accomplishing so, Robin will accept gotten his animus and will not accept to crave the band’s attendance any longer.

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