Risk Management and Mitigation Planning

  You are the new IT Project Manager for the alignment you chose in Week 1, and the CFO is defective a accident appraisal for brief from SQL Server 2008 r2® database to SQL Server 2016. The clearing will advance to the amplification of the Cloud Datacenters worldwide. The CIO feels the accident is too aerial and wants you to advance an Advice Guide Handout and Accident Advice Area for aerial administration to call the risks and administration of the risks for the approaching migration. Part A: Create a 1- folio Advice Guide Handout to present to aerial administration comparing accident administration practices to use in the clearing that includes: How accident acknowledgment action planning can abate the likelihood and/or appulse of risks How generally risks will be reviewed, the action for review, and who will be involved The roles and responsibilities for accident management Adequate references to abutment your findings, information, and opinions A advocacy for the best accident administration convenance for this migration Part B: Using the sample apparent below, create a 4- to 5- folio Microsoft® Excel® Risk Advice Area for at atomic bristles abeyant risks which ability be encountered during the conversion. At atomic three of the bristles risks you accept should be project-management related. Risk Advice Sheet  Risk Description Probability Impact Rationale Risk Mitigation Details/Outcome Please note the following: The accident description should absolutely call the risk. The anticipation is the likelihood which the accident will action (i.e., low, medium, or high). The appulse is how the alignment will be afflicted if the accident does action (i.e., low, medium, or high). The account should explain the affidavit for your anticipation and appulse assessments. The acknowledgment action should explain how anniversary accident will be addressed. There should be one accident advice area for anniversary accident identified. Include APA-formatted citations back necessary. Submit your assignment. NO PLAGIARISM! Please account resources.

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