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Chapter 14 : Application Questions 1, 2, 3 and 4 on folio 305       Although both actual and capricious annuities can accommodate lifetime assets to annuitants, they alter in important ways. Compare and adverse (1) an actual accomplishment with (2) a capricious accomplishment with account to anniversary of the following:   Determining how the premiums are invested   Stability of assets payments afterwards retirement   Death allowances if the annuitant dies afore retirement   A anchored indexed accomplishment and a capricious accomplishment are both agnate and altered in abounding respects.   Explain the above similarities amid an fixed- indexed accomplishment and a capricious annuity.   Identify the above differences amid a anchored indexed accomplishment and a capricious annuity.   Mario, age 65, purchased an actual accomplishment for $120,000 that pays a lifetime account assets of $1,000. The accomplishment has no acquittance feature. Based on the IRS actuarial table, Mario has a activity assumption of 20 years. If Mario receives 12 account payments of $1,000 the aboriginal year, how abundant taxable assets charge he address on his tax return?   Travis, age 25, accelerating from academy and acquired a position as a tax accountant. He is disqualified to participate in his employer’s retirement plan for one year. a. Assume that Travis has a starting bacon of$60,000 for 2018 and does not participate in the employer’s retirement plan. Is Travis acceptable to authorize a acceptable tax-deductible IRA? Explain your answer. b. Assume the aforementioned facts in (a). Is Travis acceptable to authorize a Roth IRA? Explain your answer.  

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