Richman Investments Internal Use Only Data Classification Standard

Richman Investments "Internal Use Only" Abstracts Allocation Accepted The "Internal Use Only" abstracts allocation accepted at Richman Investments will accommodate the best basal IT basement domains to accommodate the User Domain, Workstation Domain, and the LAN Domain. This will beset all users and their workstations, as able-bodied their admission to the internet and aggregation server databases and any advice in between. The User Domain will accomplish an adequate use activity (AUP) to ascertain what anniversary user can and cannot do with any aggregation abstracts shall he or she accept admission to it. As able-bodied as with aggregation users, any alfresco architect or third-party assembly shall additionally charge to accede and accede with the AUP. All users charge be appropriately articular and assurance this AUP above-mentioned to accepting any admission whatsoever to the aggregation network. No exceptions. Any abuse will be taken up with aggregation admiral and/or the authorities to appraise added castigating action. The Workstation Domain includes all workstations accustomed on the aggregation network. No claimed accessories or disposable media may be acclimated on this network. All accessories and disposable media will be issued by the aggregation for official use only. To admission any workstation, a user will charge to be aboriginal verified, afresh bureaucracy with an annual to be logged in with a username and canyon cipher adhering to the IT departments set standards. All systems will abide approved updates and be provided with anti-virus and anti-malware software for arrangement monitoring. Admission Control Lists (ACLs) will be fatigued up to appropriately ascertain what admission anniversary alone will have. Any violations will account an actual abeyance of privileges and afresh the person(s) in abuse will be accountable to aggregation admiral decisions and/or the authorities for castigating action. The LAN Domain will accommodate all abstracts closets, concrete elements of the LAN, as able-bodied as analytic elements to be appointed by accustomed personnel. Accustomed cadre will be appropriately buried and accustomed by the IT administration arch and accustomed a appropriate admission agenda with abstracted pin cipher as able-bodied their accustomed username and canyon code. Anniversary closet will crave this appropriate admission agenda and cipher to accretion admittance. Anniversary server will additionally crave this agenda and cipher forth with abstracted username and login credentials. Any hardware, software and accessories is to be installed by these bodies alone on any machine. Forth with that, they will assure able print, e-mail, and book server setups. They will additionally be amenable for anecdotic admission to users according to ACLs. This includes bureaucracy and accepting any aggregation Wireless Admission Points (WAPs) for use with aggregation accessories only. Any violations will be account for actual abatement of appropriate admission rights and abeyance of privileges. Afresh they will be dealt with by aggregation admiral and/or the authorities for added castigating action.

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