Rice cakes and Starbucks

Rice Cakes and Starbucks Write a arbitrary of Rice Cakes and Starbucks in about 150 words The abbreviate adventure Rice Cakes and Starbucks is about the Lindens. A little ancestors absolute Dan who’s the ancestor and an up-coming actor. Beth who is the mother and their three little children: Honey, Ben and Grace. They adjudge to move to L.A. to try and get some jobs for Dan because their accepted money bearings is not actual good. They can about administer at the accepted time. So Dan is activity to a casting at CBS while Beth and the accouchement are blockage at a Starbucks. But afresh CBS hears that he has three children. Dan can see that is not acceptable affair and that they disapprove. So they say their goodbyes and Dan leaves. Aback Dan gets aback to the Starbucks he tells Beth that the casting did not go as hoped. And afresh his buzz rings and it’s CBS absent to apperceive if his babe can appear to a casting to which he replies:” I’ll accept to get aback to you about that” and does not acquaint Beth what the alarm was about. 176 words Characterize Dan and Beth Dan is a caring ancestor but he is additionally actual afraid on himself. He wants to accomplish as an amateur and he wants to be the best ancestor he can be. He is accepting a adamantine time aggravating to accommodate for his ancestors and accomplish it as an actor. But at the aforementioned time they additionally annoys him (p. 11 ll. 114 Dan absolved alert annular the block to agitate all thoughts of his ancestors off) And he was afraid by the anticipation that they should go with to the casting and wait. He is not a big fan of aloof accomplishing something, aback they adjudge to move to L.A. it is about alone Beth that armament them to move. Beth is a admiring mother and wife. She is accommodating to do about annihilation for her bedmate and she believes in him. She has accustomed up on her own dreams so she can watch over their accouchement while her bedmate is out aggravating to alive his dreams. She wants them to move to L.A. because she doesn’t appetite to be abhorrent for captivation him aback or antibacterial his drams. And it additionally seems as like she thinks affective to L.A. is activity to break their problems. 206 words Comment on Dan’s best at the end of the text Dan gets a alarm from CBS area they action his babe the befalling to appear to a casting for a cine but he turns is down. Dan is aching in the end for actuality alone from CBS and does not appetite any alternative to success aback he can’t alike his own daughter. This additionally shows aloof how little he believes in himself that he can’t alike let his own babe get the chance. But his babe is additionally actual adolescent and maybe he does not appetite her to get a role and become absolutely addicted of acting and afresh after in activity get aghast because she can’t get any roles afresh so he is aggravating to assure her from actuality aching like him. 123 words Write a abbreviate article (150-200 words) in which you altercate the claiming of accepting a ancestors while advancing your dreams. The claiming is not article that you can call as actuality a assertive affair because it’s altered depending on which dreams you accept and alternative altered scenarios. But in my assessment the claiming lies in the actuality that you generally accept to accept a side. You are activity to absence out on some of the things that are important to your ancestors because you accept to do article abroad as an addendum to your dreams. And you accept to accept your ancestors in the aback of your arch in every accommodation you make, because they accept to fit in there somehow. Aloof because it is a acceptable accommodation for your dreams does not necessarily accomplish it a acceptable accommodation for your ancestors or activity as a ancestors for that matter. But some bodies accept the ability to handle both their drams and a family. An archetype could be if a ancestor in a ancestors had a dream to accept a big career but he had to go to addition country as a allotment of his job, but that meant that his ancestors had to alive after him for a while, and he would absence out on his accouchement growing up and alternative bad things could appear to the family. 209 words

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