Using a abstract technique(s) that accept been discussed appropriately far, amuse upload a video of you demonstrating the technique(s). You will charge to acquisition addition accommodating to be your "client". You charge additionally be acquainted of your non-verbal and exact advice and strategies that should be implemented. Your video should be 2-3 account long.    Strategies ARE LISTED BELOW Active Listening:  Attending and encouraging-postural, beheld contact, gestures and facial expressions Restating-repeating exact words acclimated by client Paraphrasing-repeating thoughts and animosity of client Reflecting content-counselor shares his/her perceptions of the thoughts applicant is expressing Reflecting feeling-counselor goes above account and thoughts bidding by the applicant and responds to animosity and emotions Clarifying-asking applicant to ascertain or explain words, thoughts or feelings Perception checking-making abiding applicant has fatigued to attention their words, thoughts and feelings Summarizing-verbally analysis assorted information, highlight cogent advice and action applicant befalling to apprehend assorted issues brought up    ing the rig�xw03� YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THE VIDEO.  DO IT AS A WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT  

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