(REVISE A INCOMPLETE PAPER ) Students will address a analysis cardboard on the aggregation they currently assignment for, or a aggregation you achievement to one day assignment for, and actualize a contour of its authoritative culture.  The addition charge accommodate accepted advice about the company.  A cessation charge accommodate at atomic three (3) acquaint abstruse from this research.  Each of the areas beneath are appropriate in the paper, and you may add added capacity if needed.  Discuss in detail the afterward authoritative behavior capacity as activated to your company:  1. The demographic characteristics as discussed in the arbiter (chapter 2)  2. The Levels of Diversity Theory (chapter 2)  3. Attitudes through the Theory of Components of an attitude (chapter 3)  4. Moral Emotions Theory (chapter 4)  5. Situation Strength Theory (chapter 5)  6. McClelland's Theory (chapter 7)  7. Social Identity (chapter 9)  8. Modes of Communication (chapter 11)  9. Factors accidental to Political Behavior Theory (chapter 13)  10. Span of Control Theory (chapter 15)  11. Substantive and Contingent Selection (chapter 17)  Some of the analysis can be completed by attractive at the mission, vision, ethics statements, anniversary reports, account stories, agent interviews, accessible communications and columnist releases, etc.  Please use the headers aloft to adapt your cardboard into specific sections.  Required breadth of the cardboard (not including the appellation page, introduction, conclusion, or advertence page) is amid 8-10 pages but may go over this absolute if needed.  The architecture for this cardboard needs to be in APA.  You should accept assorted sources of analysis used. 

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