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  Your cardboard needs a lot added abstracts and statistics to accomplish a stronger case for activity and accommodated our appointment guidelines. First, you accept not provided any abstracts or statistics besides the 28 actor bodies who currently abridgement bloom insurance. You charge accommodate abstracts on the cardinal of uninsured above-mentioned to Obamacare, abstracts about the surveys that shows bodies are “individualistic” and do not appetite government activity (which I’m not abiding is true), abstracts on the industry – absolute amount of healthcare as percent of GDP or anniversary budget, boilerplate amount per citizen, boilerplate allowance pay, etc.  Second, you did not call a accurate area that is affected, e.g. you may accept to focus on the hospitals or bloom insurers but this cardboard is about BUSINESS and accessible policy, so you charge assay a business to focus on.  Third, you charge to assay in greater capacity accepted initiatives and proposals including Bernie Sander’s proposed accepted healthcare. Also, accede accretion your assay of Obamacare. Accede comparing to alternative developed nations. Here is a abundant ability that you can use:  Fourth, your advocacy about accouterment healthcare for chargeless is unrealistic – area is the money activity to appear from? Healthcare currently takes afterpiece to 20% of our GDP, this is in the billions of dollars and the government has no money, in actuality it is borrowing billions to pay for its alternative obligations. Finally, your references at the end MUST be acclimated in the argument every time you accommodate some abstracts or account (see our abridgement for examples but the architecture is (author, year).  In addition, you accept some lay accent which should not be acclimated in a academy akin analysis paper. Good affair but your cardboard is too general, with no abstracts and acceptable arguments for action. 

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