Review Questions

1. Explain the acceptation of apparatus (encapsulation) in the ambience of acquisitive development. 2. Explain how does OO based development helps reuse? 3. How does the abstraction of bequest chronicle to OO-based development? 4. How does the abstraction of composition/ accession chronicle to OO-based development? 5. Analyze the four apparatus of a use case and how they affect anniversary other. 6. Accommodate an archetype for amateur generalization. What is the acceptation of generalizing or specializing actors? 7. Accommodate an archetype for use case generalization. What is its significance? 8. What are the differences amid “extend” and “include” use cases? 9. How do you ascertain structural clay in an acquisitive approach? 10. How would you analyze altar from classes? Can you accommodate an example? 11. Where do classes arise from? 12. To body an advice system, which one do you charge to analyze first, classes or objects? Explain. 13. Structural clay represents classes or objects? 14. How does encapsulation assure business rules from crooked admission and manipulation? 15. How does an object’s interface chronicle to casework that the article provides? 6. Comment on the statement: “Classes accommodate the containers and altar accommodate the contents. ” 17. Why should operations be declared by verbs? 18. What is “protected” visibility? Give an example. 19. What is the aberration amid accession and composition? Give an archetype for each. 20. Describe the accord amid activating modeling, behavioral clay and structural modeling. 21. Comment on this statement: “Dynamic clay is about interaction. ” 22. How arrangement diagram differs from use-case modeling? 23. Explain how altar collaborate by exchanging messages. 4. Explain the role of ambit and acknowledgment ethics in exchanging messages. 25. What are the architecture blocks of a arrangement diagram? 26. Explain the lifetime of an object. Accommodate an example. 27. How actors and altar fit in a arrangement diagram? 28. Why activating clay is based on objects, but not classes? 29. Explain the afterward pairs in affiliation to anniversary other: a. Method & Operation b. Event & State. c. Alternation & Message. 30. What are the apparatus of statechart modeling? 31. What is the acceptation of statechart modeling?

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