“Review of AIDS and Stigma’ by Gregory M. Harek

The accepted abstract as of 1999 is advised apropos the stigma that attaches to bodies with AIDS (PWA’s and bodies with HIV (PWHIVs).  “Stigma” refers to bigotry and ageism directed at PWAs and PWHIVs as able-bodied as those bodies associated with them or caregivers for them. This stigma has resulted in firings, evictions, and alternative forms of ageism to bodies with AIDS and HIV. The actuality of stigma has had a bad aftereffect on the acknowledgment to the AIDS crisis and could accept a continuing affect on the assorted behavior advised to abetment PWAs and PWHIVs. Surveys throughout the apple and accurately in the United States accept adumbrated a abrogating attitude appear PWAs and PWHIVs by a cogent majority of people. There are several accessible affidavit for the stigma. Abounding bodies accept PWAs and PWHIVs got the ache by their own accomplishments and behavior. Others abhorrence application the ache from any acquaintance with PWAs and PWHIVs. Then there is the stigma associated with any ache advised that cannot be convalescent followed by the abhorrence of application a catching disease. Finally is the stigma associated with diseases or altitude affecting the victims’ apparent actualization and capability. The stigma of AIDS has an appulse on a claimed akin and with association and accessible policy.  For example, abounding bodies with AIDS or HIV do not get activated for abhorrence of the stigma absorbed to the disease. In association the abrogating attitude has and continues to accept an aftereffect on accessible action and accessible bloom issues and legislation. However, the bearings has afflicted over the years with education, and with connected apprenticeship bigotry and ageism appear PWAs and PWHIVs will added decrease. I like this commodity for several reasons. It is able-bodied accounting and organized. It is accounting in a appearance and address which is accessible to apprehend for the boilerplate student. There is no specialized accent or advice presented. Additionally there are no graphs or tables of statistics or diffuse quotations or references to alternative work. There is no detectible bent in the article. It is a actual accordant affair today as abundant as it was back written. It is actual anticipation afflictive and advisory apropos a array of issues. The affair of stigma can accept a actual able affect on the alone reader, as it has had on me. Unfortunately AIDS has advance to the point area added and added bodies apperceive of addition afflicted with the ache or apperceive addition who has been anon afflicted by the disease. With this access comes the acquaintance of the stigma associated with PWAs and PWHIV, and the likelihood that addition we apperceive has suffered from bigotry or prejudice. There is an “association” aftereffect as well, back there is a agnate prejudice, bigotry or abhorrence of bodies who booty affliction of or are accompanying to PWAs and PWHIVs. The advice presented in the commodity cannot advice but accomplish the alone acquainted of the affair if he or she is not already accustomed with the disease, and adds ability to those who are accustomed with it. Additionally, it makes the individual, and me, catechism whether or not I anchorage any ageism or bigotry and if so how I display it. This commodity is actual acceptable at authoritative me attending accomplished myself to broader issues, as able-bodied as to attending central myself for attitudes I should question. I decidedly like the adjustment in which the causes of stigma are presented. It is decidedly accessible in analytical whether or not I accept in any of the affidavit or use them as an excuse. It is additionally accessible in acumen the aberration of abounding of the reasons. The aboriginal acumen presented seems actual irrelevant, as behindhand of how addition apprenticed AIDS or any ache should accept no address on attitude, although for abounding bodies religious acceptance may be a agency that cannot be calmly ignored. The additional reason, abhorrence of application the disease, was a claimed abhorrence of abundance until I became acquainted of the actuality that it cannot be apprenticed by accidental contact. Accepted faculty tells us that we are apparently about PWAs and PWHIVs circadian after alive it, and there has been no cases acquired by accidental contact. The third and fourth affidavit are the ones that I accept the best difficult time with, as I accept consistently been afflictive about bodies with life-threatening or terminal diseases, or bodies who acutely appearance apparent signs of the disease. I accept abounding bodies accept this discomfort, and apparently consistently will, as it can be actual difficult to collaborate with such able issues “in the background”. However, what is important is to accumulate the ache into acceptable a ageism or antecedent of discrimination. I absolutely admired the commodity because it is hopeful. It has taken a actual difficult and black affair but presented it a address which gives optimism to the issue. It does this by authoritative the clairvoyant acquainted of the reasons, and on reflection, realizes all of the affidavit can be lessened or removed with acquaintance and education. It has fabricated me added acquainted of a actual cogent affair in association today. It has additionally acquired me to reflect on my claimed attitude and actions. It has acutely presents a apriorism and affirmation in an easy-to-read manner. I like it because it stresses how accepted and damaging ageism and bigotry is, and the role of apprenticeship in advantageous prejudice, which is important not aloof for PWAs and PWHIVs but for everyone. Finally, it is an commodity I can use as advertence to anyone who can account from the advice or may be absorbed in the issue. Works Cited Harek, Gregory M. “AIDS and Stigma”. American Behavioral Scientist, Volume 42, No. 7, April 1999. 1102-1112.

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