Review and Personal Application of Harriet Lerner’s, “The Dance of Anger”

  Assignment: Review advice about the Ball of Anger, which can be begin in Chapter 5 of the textbook. Describe the altered styles of acrimony administration as proposed by Lerner. Focus on addition with whom you accept an important relationship. Reflect and again abode the afterward questions: Does one of you tend to be a pursuer or a distancer? An overfunctioner or an underfunctioner? A blamer or a accusation taker? Rate anniversary of you on a calibration from 1 (low) to 10 (high) on anniversary of the dimensions. Are you assuming any ball based on these appearance differences? If so, call how you ability actualize a convalescent dance? Instructions: Paper breadth is about 750 words Use APA style, including a awning folio and advertence page. Introductory Paragraph, ambience alternating a bright account of your assignment. Conclusion, a abridged account that reaffirms your assignment. Cite a minimum of 2 sources (APA). This can accommodate the textbook, or alternative alfresco materials. Refer to the anniversary 2 explanation for allocation criteria.

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