Assignment Research Review (Outline And Annotated Bibliography) This anniversary you will activate to adapt for your final accumulative appointment by creating an authoritative summary, outline and annotated bibliography. This appointment will accept three parts. Please use this organization: STAR OF HOPE  The web armpit is :  Part one should be a 330 chat article that includes the name and description of the alignment that is actuality assessed. You should acutely appraise whether or not the alignment is a non-profit or government alignment and why you accept this. You should accommodate in this area a one-paragraph description of your plan for your presentation. Use at atomic one bookish antecedent to abutment your assessment.  Part two should be a abundant outline of your presentation.  Part three of this appointment should be an annotated bibliography that will detail a minimum of bristles bookish sources you plan to use for the presentation. Your annotations should accommodate a description of the antecedent as able-bodied as an account of how you plan to use the antecedent in your presentation. Your sources charge be scholarly. 

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